27 October 2011

The Queen of Vintage

We all have a girl crush, or if you are a bloke a boy crush. Most people's is someone famous and in the public eye a lot like Cheryl Cole or Kim Kardashion. Yeah, they don't really rock my boat. I have a girl crush on the beauty that is Dita Von Teese. She is the woman that I would seriously think about buttering my bread the other side for. I would easily go all lesbian sheek if I had Dita after me. Don't worry Mr. Boyfriend, I'm not gonna start being butch and swap the heels and dresses for chunky boots and baggy trousers just yet. Not that I'm stereotyping or anything. Dita just leaks old Hollywood glamour. She does the look in a classic way, not the way Lindsay Lohan tries to do it.

With her corseted 16 inch waist she has made a name for herself as 'The Queen of Burlesque' for seductively taking her clothes off,not in a seedy way but in a feather dance, champagne bath way. She has bone china porcelain skin and gorgeous flowing black hair. Its nice to see a 'celeb' not covered in fake tan with hair extensions. The Only Way is Essex she is not. Unlike me with my pale skin she does not look like an albino, she looks like a vision of beauty that has never sun worshipped. Either she never goes out in the sun or she is a hardcore fan of the factor 500. She is permanently seen with scarlet red painted lips that go beautifully with her china doll skin.

Dita's real name is Heather  RenĂ©e Sweet and she grew up in Rochester. That is the Rochester in Michigan, not Kent. She's too glamorous for the Darling Buds of May. Dita was born on the 28th September 1979 to Ken a machinist and Bonnie a Beautician. She thanks her mother for her gorgeous skin, which she felt never suited her as a child. From a young age she was fascinated by old golden-era Hollywood films and the first Technicolor ones.
 Dita who is known for her beautiful lingerie used to go into her mother's lingerie draw and steal her lingerie and try it on. Part of her outfits are sexy hold up stockings, which she sells on her website for a mere $80. Dita says there is high demand for her used stockings. Now that's a bit weird isn't? In case anyone wants to know, you can get them here at http://www.dita.net/. Now I know what joke Christmas present I will be getting this year. When she is not wearing her corsets, she oozes old Hollywood glamour with tight nipped mermaid dresses and 50s style tea dresses. She does vintage dressing the right way,its very natural and beautifully put together. Not the try hard way that some people try and do it that makes me rant for a least a couple of hours.
Like me Dita is a big fan of Vivienne Westwood and has worn some of her amazing dresses to premieres and parties. When Dita got married to Marilyn Manson in 2005, she wore a beautiful Vivienne Westwood royal purple silk taffeta gown. The dress may not be some people's cup of tea, but in my opinion the dress is jaw-droppingly stunning. A mock Duchess of Cambridge dress it isn't.

Dita Von TeeseSo when I heard that my eternal girl crush had launched a collection of beautiful vintage inspired clothes, I simply had to stare at her for ooo just another few hours. This is a proper vintage collection. Its not the usual so called 'vintage' collection that these 'celebs' launch with so called classic cuts and flowery prints. This collection simply ooozes Hollywood glamour and makes me want to watch The Seven Year Itch all over again.

The five piece Muse collection launches in November exclusively at David Jones in Australia from November. I think its time for me to get my cork hat and boomerang out and go down under. Thankfully I may not have to beg my sister for her Air Miles, because the company is in talks with retailers to expand into Europe and the U.S. I don't think we will see it in Primark anytime soon though. Each dress includes couture detailing and ribbon that clinches in the waist to create the perfect svelte feminine silhouette. So you can put that celery stick down,wearing one of these beauties you will have the hourglass figure that you have spent hours in the gym trying to achieve.

The collection is full of classic features including in-built corsetry, silk Crepe de Chine lining and cleverly constructed shapes. You can be reassured that this collection was not made by some four year old on a 1990 sewing machine in India, it was made with old school sewing techniques by very clever people. As a sewing lover I'm very excited to see all these lovely techniques being used and I'm desperate to learn them. I've had enough of plain seams and a couple of darts.
The pieces are available in a size 8-20 and come in black,ruby red and a gorgeous original rose print. Dita said 'Offering a collection that caters to women of all sizes is very important to me.
Dita Von Teese Muse'Muse is designed to complement a multitude of body shapes, so every woman can celebrate her natural beauty and feel sexy in a gorgeous dress.' I've just fallen a little bit more in love with this woman. Maybe I will start spiking my hair up.

If I did get my hands on one of her dresses, I think I would be like one of those six year olds that won't take their Spiderman top off. I am in awe of her gorgeous look and I'll try not to completely fall in love with her and stalk her. She just better not bring out another big collection. Then I probably would gather up my cricket gear up and bat for the other team. But I don't think I would stop wearing my heels, I'd have to be mad to do that.

Second Hand Rose


  1. She is gorgeous! She always looks amazing, had amazing taste in fashion and I'd really love her porcelain skin xx

  2. I love Dita, she's beautiful and such an absolute lady! x

  3. I wish more girls out there could be like her!
    Not that I can talk my skin is quite sallow...
    but she's just so classy!



  4. she has a classic and timeless beauty! :D

    <3, Mimi

  5. She is beautiful ! xxx


  6. I agree, Kim and Cheryl I understand are very loved but Dita is so elegant and graceful looking.

    It looks like she belongs in a whole other decade. I love her pale porcelain skin and fashion. She's so beautiful ^^

    Jessica ♡


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