01 November 2011

Ladies and Gentleman, get ready to stuff your face

WARNING: This post is very likely to make you head for the cupboard to get out the Dairy Milk or get in your car and rush to the nearest Thorntons.

We are used to seeing let's say 'unusual' things used in fashion,no one can forget Lady Gaga's meat dress.  But a few weeks ago there was a fashion show with the clothes made purely out of chocolate. Yes you read that right. The show was part of the Salon du Chocolat (Chocolate Fair) in Paris. Before you think you are going to see High Street chocolate buttoned skirts and twirls added to your shorts, this is not a fashion label. Le Salon du Chocolat is one of the most popular chocolate festivals in Paris. This event is in its sixteenth year and has tens of thousands of chocolate lovers rushing with their Flake's to the event. It lasted from the 28th October until today and it bought together chocolate exhibitors and those eager to sample their goodies for five days of chocolate heaven. Ugh I wish I went to this, but I'm sure I would be like one of those kids who eat all their Easter eggs at 8am in the morning. All eleven of them. Yes I'm talking about you Daddy Second Hand Rose.

Designers collaborated with chocolatiers and created amazing mouth watering costumes, dresses, shoes, hats and other accessories created purely out of a variety of the beloved milky stuff. You have to see these outfits, even if it will have you breaking open a packet of Maltesers.
salon-du-chocolate (3)This one on the right is one of my favourite's and I adore the hat, if it didn't melt I would be very happy to add this to my hat collection.
salon-du-chocolate (5)I love this one on the left as well. I think the dress is amazing and I would totally wear it. Even if I would probably end up eating it all. Sadly one of the dresses cam apart. French TV presenter Karine Ferri was strutting her stuff down the runway when her chocolate skirt started to shatter. Karine tried to keep it all together,but we all know how crumbly chocolate can be and the top layer of the skirt that was panelled fell off and left a chocolate mini skirt which was the base of the dress.
Well done Karine, I'm sure the rest of us would have walked off in shame and sobbed into a huge bar of Dairy Milk.
Salon du Chocolat in Paris Actress Valentine FeauGoing, going, gone: French TV presenter Karine Ferri tries to stop her skirt from disintegrating at Paris' Salon du Chocolat (Chocolate Fair) Salon Du Chocolat's 17th Anniversary Salon Du Chocolat's 17th Anniversary
Salon du Chocolat in Paris
Men got in the action too, that's not a surprise they are always there when there is food around. They all looked very swish with waistcoats, top hats and amazing costumes.

salon-du-chocolate (14)One of the highlights of the show was a model coming out of an iron wrought type cage with a gorgeous dress. I simply adore the white chocolate arms.
If you want to see the show you can see it here.Salon du Chocolat Fashion Show 2011 or see more pictures of the designs here Salon du Chocolat Photos.
I hope everyone had a great Halloween. The only spooking I did was answering the door to the postman without any makeup on.

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I hope these are some help, if you use them, let us know what you got! Happy shopping and happy munching!! I'm off to raid the cupboard for some chocolate and to buy a 1kg of Dairy Milk on eBay. Mits off family.

Second Hand Rose


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  2. your warning was right... I'm now sitting here eating a "Twirl" bar haha!!


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  3. Omg!!Such sweet post,dear;))
    I want now chocolate:))
    Have a great day!
    Fashion tea at 5

  4. I love it!
    I'm actually considering getting out of bed and heading down to raid the fridge...


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