15 November 2011

Pull them up and strap them in

The collection features lingerie in Vintage Lace, Vintage Touch and black and white Fifties-inspired Vintage Corsage
High waisted briefs &
bra, both £63
In 2011 we all wear bra's, there's the plunge, the push up and the I need to get that guy now bra. Thankfully now we are in the 21st century Carrie Bradshaw has decided to wear a bra. I don't know about you but I got a bit fed up of having her milk bottle tops in my face all the time. We all take them for granted, but who do we owe the padding and plunging to? Well my friends I will tell all.
In 1886 more then a century ago merchant Michael Braun and corset-maker Johann Gottfried Spiesshofer (yes I can't pronounce it either) made history by becoming the first firm in the world to make a bra avaliable to women. Yes ladies I know I want to squeeze them tight and kiss them too.

They started in a tiny corset factory that they had to set up in Southern Germany with just six sewing machines and six employees. They have now gone global, yes they are even on Twitter and have become the world's leading lingerie firm. 125 years on there are 37,500 employees working in over 120 countries and the business has kept in the family. La Senza eat your heart out.
Triumph - the firm behind the first bra commercially available to women - has launched the Vintage Collection to bring revamped Triumph designs into the present day
Pink corset £101

So this month Triumph International is marking its long wrinkle free history with a fabulous limited edition collection. The collection includes corsets, bras and knickers inspired by years gone by with nipped in waists and high-wasted styling. And yes ladies the torpedo bra is back.

1886: The very first bra invented by Triumph was called the Bust Improver
1st Bra-The Bust Improver
They started with rigid wire cages that held the breasts in places which was called the Bust Improver. This was a very practical plain bra with the only detail being two bows tied onto each cup and it did what it said on the tin. Women applauded everywhere that they could now stop stuffing tissue down their bustle dresses whilst trying to look less like a horse in their extremely padded behind dresses. This was not the time of women asking if there bum looked big in their dresses.

Very modern vintage: Triumph's Vintage Collection celebrates retro styling married with modern technology
Waist slimmer £74
Very modern vintage: Triumph's Vintage Collection celebrates retro styling married with modern technology
Floral corset £93
But fear not ladies you will not have to resort to uncomfortable whalebone plain bras, this collection is as comfy as a fluffy dressing gown and fur lined slippers. Its made out of cutting edge fabrics and those little geeks in a factory have used technology that makes the pieces super comfy, thank you Mr.Geek.
The collection contains some gorgeous lingerie including a black and white fifites inspired corsage, and some absolutely beautiful corsets. Thankfully we don't have to breathe in, damage our lungs and sound like Marge Simpson, the corsets are made to accentuate your curves while not squashing you in the process, happy days. If you can't resist a chocolate biscuit and a nice glass of wine (I mean,who can?) there is black lace waist slimmer that will squeeze all your lumps and bumps together and will give you a body to rival Marilyn Monroe.
The collection is a tad on the expensive side, and can be found in the House of Fraser and on the Triumph website. I'm sure you can convince Father Christmas to bring you one of the pieces. I'm sure even he loves the idea of a torpedo bra and a lace body dress. Finger's crossed its not for him though.

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  2. Just been reading through your older posts and you either have some serious knowledge or really invest time in researching your blog posts- either way I'm really enjoying all the content of your blog, informative as well as funny and interesting!

    I like the idea of the waist slimmer (especially after Christmas!) although I agree that it's a bit pricey. Got to treat yourself every now and again though haven't you!

    Also wanted to say thank you for all the lovely comments you always leave on my blog, I really appreciate them and it brightens up my day when I see 'Second Hand Rose' on my comment page!xxx

  3. such an interesting read! i always learn new things from your posts! :)

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