19 August 2013

Cars, Cake and one very greedy pussycat

Last Sunday Mr.Boyfriend and I, along with Mummy and Daddy Second Hand Rose spent the afternoon drooling over an array of vintage cars, double dating with your parents is so in right now.
We went to The White Dove Collector's Transport Show in Kingsley. The show raises money for the local hospice every year, so is a great cause, plus it's an excuse for people like me to squeal over the site of a VW Beetle. The show contained a range of cars, motorcycles and scooters from all different eras. There were also commercial vehicles and military vehicles from the war, sadly no hunky men in uniform though.
The show had live music, trade stalls and an auto jumble sale, so Mr.Boyfriend was in his element.
Along with dreaming of owning a Morris Minor, I've been channeling my inner Mary Berry. It was my sisters birthday a few weeks ago and she is an amazing pianist, so I made her a pink piano cake. Of course my cat Jasper had to be involved somehow, so I made a fondant version of him and laid him on the piano in his usual chilled out position.
I also made some cupcakes last weekend and filled them with either Nutella or my amazing Mumsy's blackberry and apple jam. We have some beautiful Hydrangea's in the garden at the moment, so I used them as my inspiration and decorated them to look like purple and blue Hydrangea's. I had a problem with the plastic bags I was using breaking three times, I bet that doesn't happen to Nigella! They were delicious though and went down well with everyone, including Jasper.
I've been trying to concentrate on writing my book, trying to post on my blog and writing for Vintage Life, note my sticker on the page top right, I'm very proud to have it there! I have done over thirteen articles for them now and now they're starting a His Vintage Life, so I'm excited to write for a different audience. It is hard to go from writing about handbags, shoes and how dreamy Rock Hudson is, to writing about cars, suits and toys.

e White Dove Collector’s Transport Show was conceived over a d

Finally I want to say thank you to you all so much for taking the time read my About Me post. I received some lovely comments and tweets sending lots of support and many much needed cuddles.
I got such a lovely email from another blogger the other day and I am so deeply touched and grateful to every one of you for being there. They're are millions of people who blog every day, but it can still feel like a small close knit friendly world. Whole heartedly I send my deepest thanks to every one of you.
Now I would offer you some cake, but it appears a little furry thing has eaten it all, I can't imagine who that is.
Second Hand Rose