08 November 2013

A plea to sponsor the lovely Kathy B: Cuffed for Cancer

My amazing love of my life blogger Kathy B, who I will happily marry one day and make as many cakes for as she can eat, is raising money for an incredibly worthy cause. On the 18th November her and a friend are going to be handcuffed together for a whole 24 hours, to raise money for the Tuesday O'Hara fund, which help support young adults, while they are fighting Leukeamia and other horrible cancers.
The cause is very close to Kathy's heart as her dear friend Emily has been diagnosed with Leukeamia for the second time in just a few years. I remember when Kathy first tweeted that her friend had been diagnosed and I was upset to hear that Emily had been diagnosed again. Kathy wrote an incredibly moving letter on her blog to her friend, which proves even more how much of an amazing and beautiful person Kathy is.
When you have a serious illness, some people around you don't know how to deal with it and act like you're a zombie. It really does show you who your true friends are, who treat you exactly the same as before and it means so much that they are there for you and supporting you. Luckily for Emily, she has Kathy to help her fight like hell against this nasty illness, with a smile on her face and a tummy full of chocolate.
The Tuesday O'Hara fund was set up after Tuesday lost her four year battle with Leukeamia in 2007 aged 21. Tuesday's parents set up a charity in their beautiful daughters honour to support other families and sufferers. Their aim is to raise funds to help cancer sufferers under financial hardship and their families and friends, in any way they can.
Their ultimate aim, is to raise enough money to facilitate the Pevensey Ward/ Proposed adolescent unit located in Eastbourne District General Hospital, with equipment that will make young people between eighteen and thirty stay in hospital as comfortable and homely as possible. You don't need Terry Wogan in a spotty suit to tell you that it's a worthy cause.

Cuffed for Cancer takes place between 18th-24th November, which Kathy and her friend are taking part in. Please please please donate some money to this incredibly worthy cause, even if it just a small amount. You can do this here. As Tesco say, every little helps. None of us know when we are going to need the support of charities like this, for our loved ones and even ourselves. When battling an illness it can make people feel so alone, so any help from people that know and understand what you're going through is greatly appreciated.

Plus if you donate some money, tweet about the cause or share it on your blog, I'll happily give you a big squeeze and some homemade cupcakes.
Now that is an offer surely no one can refuse.

Second Hand Rose