17 October 2013

Dita Von Teese Von Follies: Not a pair of Granny pants in sight

Now if you have read my blog for a long time, you will know that along with me being obsessed with Rock Hudson and being very fond of eating pickled onions, whilst having a bubble bath, I have quite a big girl crush on the delectable Dita Von Teese.
I wrote ages ago about the clothing line that she bought out two years ago, but now Dita has added, to her very gorgeous Von Follies lingerie range with a new collection.
The AW13 Sheer Witchery collection is inspired by Halloween, but you won't be seeing a white sheet with holes in anytime soon. The collection has vampish black lace overlayed on nude satin and sheer mesh sections on the bra cups. Corsets, bras, thongs, briefs, slips and garter belts are available, so you can add some va va voom to your underwear draw.

Dita is obsessed with lingerie and has been collecting pieces since she was 16. Her collection has been very popular and was even included in Paris Fashion Week, with models from Alexis Mabille's show wearing one of her fabulous bras, lucky models.

The collection is exclusive to Asos and Debenhams, with prices ranging from £9 in the sale to £70 for an amazing lace corset, more reasons for me to exploit my bank card.
Dita designed her range so that women of all shapes and sizes could feel amazing about themselves. When her range was first unveiled last year she had a runway of her pieces in Australia, which included very beautiful and healthy models of different sizes looking amazing. The range is available in sizes UK8-16 and from an A to E cup, I've fallen in love with the woman even more.
Dita says that "Every woman should have a really great set of lingerie, especially in black" Now even me with my monkey pyjamas, can channel my inner Dita for a day, but ever so slightly less elegantly.

Second Hand Rose

12 October 2013

Cakes, Writing and a hunky man in a pink apron

I was meaning to blog last week about Fashion month, but I have had four deadlines for Vintage Life recently, as I have been writing two articles for the November issue and ones for Christmas. Nothing like writing about pigs in blankets to get you into the Christmas spirit. I fancy watching one of those awful Christmassy movies now with actors you've never heard of, that even Jasper would refuse to watch with me. If it doesn't have Bradley Cooper in, he's not interested.
If you have read one of my latest posts about Mr. Boyfriend staying over, I am thrilled to announce that I did not burn the house down whilst cooking him a romantic-ish meal. Although I will admit, that a washing up bowl and a plate was harmed in the process (oops, the parents don't know about that one yet).
I did rather enjoy trying to be a domestic goddess to be honest and it was nice to know that after work Mr. Boyfriend was coming home to me, god I sound like I'm in one of those trashy Christmas movies, I've watched far too many.
While desperately trying not to lose my newly painted nails to the dreaded cleaning products, I made a cake for my parents anniversary. I decided to make a lemon and blackberry sponge, from all the thousands of blackberries that have been collected on one of my family's many foraging trips.
I had Mr.Boyfriend as my helper looking very dishy in a bright pink apron if I don't say so myself, peeling and squeezing lemons. I've got use his muscles to my advantage somehow.
To cover the cake I used a new technique that I haven't tried before. I made a lavender coloured Swiss buttercream that was lemon flavoured. Unfortunately, my helper had to go at the most vital point of the process, so I had to whisk eight egg whites over a pan of water by myself, that really was a work out and a half.
After nearly not being able to use my arms ever again, I had to mix in tiny cubes of butter one at a time, which was certainly a labourious task and difficult when you've just done the most exercise, that you've done in three years.
It was going perfectly and then I added the lavender colour along with some lemon juice and both my heart and meringue sank. The stupid thing became this purple dotted slimy mess, any baker knows that this is incredibly frustrating.
I thankfully carried on mixing it and the beautiful food mixer worked its magic and the mess suddenly transformed into this beautiful light and fluffy lavender buttercream, my cake fairy godmother was definitely helping me out that day.
I filled the cake with the filling and gave it a slight covering, so the decoration would go on easily. I piped the buttercream on the cake, well what was left of it anyway, after I'd eaten a load of it.

I'd never done this technique either, but it was surprisingly easier then it looked or I thought it would be. Don't you just love things that aren't as difficult as they look?

Unsurprisingly I ran out of some buttercream for the centre, so I decorated the top of the cake with red fondant roses that I had made in the evenings, whilst watching Ronnie come back to the square in Eastenders and had Jasper snoring in my ear. I also made around 30 rose petals, which I decorated the board with.
I was very happy with my cake and couldn't wait to give it to my mum and dad. I went in with my brother, sister and Jasper to buy them a Fortnum and Mason's Afternoon Tea voucher, which came all wrapped up in a gorgeous box.
It's safe to say that Mummy and Daddy Second Hand Rose along with the rest of my family and Mr. Boyfriend were very happy with the cake and it even got Jasper's approval, as he loved the buttercream, this was evident by his slight purple beard after stuffing his face with it.
Talking of Jasper, he has gone from strength to strength after his little bug and is back to full health, happily eating everything in sight and lapping up all the attention. He was given liver last week as a treat and then went on strike the next day and wouldn't eat his Gourmet salmon and shrimp food, because he wanted more of the liver, he's a total diva.
The latest Vintage Life magazines have come out and I have written all about hats through the decades for Her Vintage. I was very happy to receive the new His Vintage Life, because it's the first issue that an article I've written has featured in the His edition.

I was very excited when Postman Pat put it through my letterbox last Friday, he's such a cool dude. Plus all the hunky men in it did make it an added bonus, especially for Grandma Second Hand Rose who spent a very long time reading it.

I wrote about ways to Impress a Vintage Lady, providing tips on making any man seem like every ladiedream man. It was certainly different to go from writing for girls to boys and I did consider changing my name to Second Hand Roy but finally decided against it, plus it would look a bit odd in the writers section with my picture next to it.
I also now have an advert in both of His and Her Vintage Life for my blog, Twitter and eBay which I'm very excited about! Del Boy would be proud.
Within the past couple of weeks, I have been learning how to play Bridge. My fabulous teacher a.k.a my Dad has been teaching me, so I can play on a Tuesday with his Bridge babes.

Jasper loves watching us play and is my little helper and I swear he gives me signals. He's practicing his meows, exercising his paws and is making his breath extra smelly as we speak, now that really is a distraction.
Second Hand Rose