22 August 2012

How to look like a Vintage swimwear vixen: 41 Great looks!

I was asked by the lovely Elizabeth from ButterflyBoo to do a guest post for her, while she is away on her holidays. I wrote all about the history of swimwear and you can find it here. To coincide with it I'm going to show you how to achieve the styles with high street pieces. Don't worry we'll have you catching the hunky lifeguards eye in no time.

My post included the 1900s and the 1910s, however to get the look these days would be pretty hard and it's not very practical for tan lines. Women wore black, knee-length, puffed-sleeve wool dresses, worn over bloomers or drawers trimmed with ribbons and bows. Accessories included long black stockings and lace-up bathing slippers. No heels or lip gloss, sorry TOWIE ladies.
1920's Swimsuits
Thankfully by 1915 heavy fabric swimsuits were reduced and became more athletic and androgynous looking due to women swimming more. So I'm starting my how to get the look post at the 1920s.
In the 1920s bathing suits changed into a one piece with a long top that covered shorts. The fashion was to have a pattern swimsuit such as spots, stripes or an abstract pattern.

I've found these gorgeous swimsuits for you to try and achieve the look. Get the trend with boy type shorts, but make it more modern by showing off more of your lovely assets. The spotty ones are super cute and can help hide any lumps or bumps you have.
ASOS ruched skirt, £43 / Shorts / Seafolly one piece bikini swimwear, £92

1930s SwimsuitsCatching the sun and having gorgeous tanned skin became a hobby in the 1930s. Swimsuits changed from being made of wool jersey to Lastex stretchy cotton. Prints were still popular along with ribbons or belts around the waist. 
The one piece was made shorter with little over skirts becoming popular, along with an exposed v-neck. No more brown face and white body for those ladies.

I found these beautiful pieces, some with little skirts to help hide your thighs. I love the blue zig zag swimsuit with the 30's style belt to help clinch the waist in and make you have a waist to rival Dita von Teese. I love the lighter blue swimsuit too with the tie around the middle, which is also a great waist clincher. Wearing one of these you'll definitely blag yourself your very own Clark Gable.
Plus Padded Skirt Swimsuit - Marks & Spencer / Panache swimwear, £50 / Red Or dead, £48 / Tummy Control Spotted Skirt Swimsuit - Marks & Spencer / French Connection Zig Zag Belted One Piece Swim Suit, £35

1940's Swimsuits
Along with meat, vegetables and all the important things in life such as chocolate, there was a shortage in fabric. Factories began to make smaller swimsuits and cutout midriffs to create the tankini. Halter and bandeau bras and skirted bottoms and shorts were available, so women had a lot more styles to choose from. Bottoms were high waisted and covered the tummy button. No thong just yet ladies, so relax.
ASOS vintage top, £38 / ASOS one piece swimsuit / Aso, £6.50 / Seafolly beach bikini, £73 / ASOS animal print swimwear, £10

The looks I've found reflect the 1940s style, but with a modern twist. The flowery one has a flattering halter neck fitted shape to it with a boy short type look, which was still worn at the time. The red and white polka dot swimsuit has a frilly skirt type bottom, with bra cups along with the patterned white one with a halter neck top. The first tankinis include a great black spotty set with high waisted bottoms along with a gorgeous leopard print patterned tankini. Don't worry you won't look like you've got granny pants on with these beauties.

1950's SwimsuitsWith Marilyn Monroe and her curves constantly on show, swimsuits became more curvaceous and fitting. Zips were used in the back of swimsuits to create a corset like appearance along with boning and padded shaped cone bras. Bandeau styles and strapless low cut styles became very popular. Women wanted to keep their hair dry, so bathing caps were introduced with flowers and petals on as decoration. Let the Lady Gaga looks begin.

I adore this pink, blue and orange patterned fitted swimsuit with a halter neck and moulded cups. This also has a black waistband to give you those Marilyn type curves. The pink swimsuit takes the zip from the 1950's and gives it a modern twist, by having the zip in the middle on the front. It is a bandeau style and is contoured to make you look super lean.

The black swimsuit with white polka dots is iconic of the 50's, with a low cut bandeau style to show off your cleavage and a white tie as decoration. The white patterned halter neck is brilliant too and very flattering, especially once you have a tan. If you want to show some more flesh check out this gorgeous tankini with a cadillac print and high waisted bottoms. This floral print turban is a great modern change to the hat look keeping your hair under wraps, no crazy frizzy beach hair for you.

In the 60s bikini's became a lot more popular and for the first time the belly button was shown. In the late 60s swimsuits began to show a bit more skin with mesh net panels or cut out midriffs, filled in with plastic rings. Sorry ladies, its time to do some leg lifts.
1960's Swimsuits

These bikinis with their halter neck styles are flattering on the figure with patterns, bright colours and ruffles to help you look even more gorgeous. The black bikini helps turn the 60s cut out panels into a modern look with the bikini bottoms having cut out sides. If you'd rather completely cover your hips, you can still work the look in this pink bikini with cut out straps on the top. Wearing these you'll get some seriously cool tan lines.

Seafolly beach bikini, £62 / ASOS hipster bikini, £6.50 / Aso, £4.87 / Panache Fleur Bikini Set at ASOS

With the 70s being full of free love and hippys, swimwear got on the bandwagon becoming more revealing with triangle cups and string bikinis becoming popular with bottoms fitting on the hips. Being oh so sexy was the aim, with some women even wearing sheer swimsuits, now that takes some serious confidence, that or too many Martini's.
1970's Swimsuits

I've found you a white sheer bikini, but if you don't fancy the Playboy bunny look you can work this blue maxi dress over your bikini for a great cover up on the beach. Tie dye was popular in the 70s so give this a tribute with this superb pink and white tie dye triangle bikini. The swirly painted triangle string bikini will also have you looking colourful and dazzling.
If you fancy being a bit more flamboyant get this lavish bright technicoloured bikini with turquoisey feathers. This is literally the 70's in a bikini.

Bandeaus tops became even more popular along with racer T backs being worn, to show of toned arms and backs as the athletic build was sought-after. It was not all muscles and abs though as the thong bikini was introduced mainly by the playboy bunnies, thanks very much Hugh Hefner, no more second helpings of puddings for us. 
1980's Swimsuits
ASOS bandeau bikini, £12 / ASOS sporty swimwear, £4.33 / Ruffle bandeau bikini / O'Neill swimwear, £15

Get the althletic look with this racer style bikini that's perfect for imitating the likes of Christie Brinkley. These gorgeous strapless bandeau styles with prints will make you sparkle more then Joan Collins' outfits in Dynasty, believe me that's a hard task.
If you're boobs are bigguns try this halter neck style bikini to keep them all in. We don't want them to pop out whilst seductively lusting over the hotel waiter, do we.
1990's Swimsuits
The one piece was still popular but contained lots of cut outs, criss crosses and halter necks. The famous high V cut bottoms were introduced, that thank god aren't seen anymore, no one wants a bikini wax every 2 weeks do they?
Bright and bold colours were in style as long as zazzy prints.

You can get the look with this figure flattering swimsuit with lattice and beaded detailing, along with this coral coloured one with mesh detailing. If you fancy covering up a bit more but still working the trend, try this printed halter neck swimsuit with a sexy mesh insert in the waist. If you want to brave the bikini wear this bold coloured green triangle bikini or this bejewelled red triangle bikini, that Liz Taylor would be jealous of.

Asos, £16 / ASOS hipster bikini, £4.33 / Mark Fast bikini swimsuit / French Connection string bikini, £17 / Asos, £15

2000's Swimsuits
Within the past 12 years so many styles have become available with it being all about what suits your body and being uber stylish at the same time. The high cut V bottoms of the 90s have become a lot softer V, hallelujah! 
Work the metallic and underwater trend this year with this dazzling metallic mermaid style asymetric cut out swimsuit. This bold coloured printed cut out suit is great if you want to cover up your tummy a little bit more, but still get a great tan. If you want go for a bikini, wear popular pastels in this strapless bikini and work the printed look with this bold yellow, black and white bikini. 
Want to be a bit more extravagant? Try the fringe trend with the salmon pink bikini, so much more practical then wearing the whole cowgirl getup.

Asos / River Island hipster bikini, £8.67 / Lepel padded bikini, £17 / ASOS hipster bikini, £7.59 / ASOS cut out swimwear

Swimwear has evolved a lot over the past hundred years and now we can cover up any wobbly bits we have or flaunt our curves as much as we want. From fringing to high waisters we can conquer any style we like and pull off any trend. Let's just keep our fingers crossed Lady Gaga does not bring out a meat bikini collection, you'd be pretty popular with sea creatures if she did.

Second Hand Rose

17 August 2012

Marilyn Monroe: Intimate Exposures-Yes more photos!

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I'm a bit of a Marilyn Monroe addict. I've done several posts about her and I can't get enough of the blonde beauty and her look.

On the 5th August it was 50 years since the world lost a bit of sparkle and Marilyn was taken away from us. I did a commemorative post all about her here, containing some juicy facts and very cute photos. In order to celebrate her life an exhibition has been put on in London. The exhibition contains some gorgeous photos taken by the fabulous Bruno Bernard.

Bruno first met Marilyn as he was leaving the dentist, with a 'I've been good at the dentist' sticker and a lollipop I hope.
Bernard at the time was already one of the most iconic photographers of the 1940's being known as the 'Bernard of Hollywood'.

His pictures were more glamorous then others at the time and he invented the 'pin-up' look. Bruno had his own studio on Sunset Boulevard, where celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor, John Wayne, Ginger Rogers and the gorgeous Gregory Peck and Clark Gable would come to pose. I'd certainly love to be a fly on that wall ogling over Gregory.

He also photographed Strippers, Vegas Showgirls, and many starlets. As well as David Conover who took photos of Marilyn at the munitions factory in 1945 where she worked, Bruno was another photographer who helped launch her career. His photographs on many 1950's magazines now sell for hundreds of pounds.
Some of the most famous photos taken of Marilyn were by Bruno, which included the famous Seven Year Itch dress picture. He loved to photograph her because she was so at ease in front of the camera. No awkward arms and cheesy smiles from her. Facebook users please take note.

By late 1946 Bernard had put her on several covers, but it didn't make her squeal as much excitement as she thought it would. She desperately wanted to be an actress, so Bruno helped her get a screen test with 20th Century Fox.
He organised a silent screen test, as he was afraid of her high pitched voice. Norma quickly changed her name to Marilyn Monroe which he helped her choose. I can just imagine her sitting in her frog pyjamas eating ice cream with him trying to think of a name, although I'm sure it was a lot more glamorous then that.

Her career took off in the the 1950's and she became a world-famous actress staring in films such as “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, “Some Like It Hot” and “How To Marry A Millionaire”. Marilyn never forgot how Bruno helped launch her career and thanked him by saying Remember, Bernie, you started it all.”

This exhibition of Marilyn’s life runs through her early pin-up photographs, candid snaps from glamorous Hollywood parties and rare behind the scenes shots from some of the bombshell’s most famous motion pictures.
They include a head shot of Norma Jean in a beret and sweater; a giggling Monroe on the set of “The Seven Year Itch”; and a heart wrenching photo of her escaping journalists following her divorce from Joe DiMaggio. Waterproof mascara was definitely needed that day.

The exhibition Marilyn: Intimate Exposures runs until the 9th September in the fabulous gallery Proud Chelsea, 161 King's Road, Chelsea. You won't have to fake a dentist appointment to get off work go and see it either, because it's on Monday-Sunday, 10am-7pm and the entrance is free. So you can still buy that lipstick you want and go and admire the beauty!

The cherry on top of the sparkly cake is that Bruno's daughter Susan Bernard has released a book to go with it called Marilyn Monroe: Intimate Exposures, which you can find on Amazon here for £17.50. The book contains over 208 glossy pictures of the beauty with 40 never published before photos. Expect a mad rush ladies and gentlemen.

I hope you enjoy these photos I've hunted down for you and if you want to see even more unseen photos, please check out another Marilyn post I did here. They're not to be missed!
If you are able to go to the exhibition I hope you have a fabulous time drooling over her, but try not to take your man with you, you probably won't be able to get him out of there. Even the offer of food probably won't shift him from gawping at her, who can blame him though.

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14 August 2012

4 ways to get the look: Breakfast at Tiffany's

This week I am starting a new feature on my blog. I adore old movies and after drooling over an exorbitant amount of Hollywood movie outfits, I thought why not do a post about how to get the look. From day to night, work to special occasion, I am going to help you all release your inner Hollwood bombshell. Ladies, get ready to be Hollywodised.
So the first look I've decided to go for is from one of the most iconic movies of all time, the fabulous 1961 film, Breakfast at Tiffany's starring the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn. We've all swooned over Holly Golighty's wardrobe and the oh so lovely Paul (George Peppard). Hey with those gorgeous eyes who wouldn't.

One of the most famous scenes of the movie is the first scene when Holly gets out of a New York cab and looks into Tiffany's window, whilst eating a pastry and drinking coffee. My favourite song 'Moon River' is being played in the background, sadly there's no sign of a hunky Frank Sinatra though.The Givenchy dress she is wearing in this scene was sold in an auction in 2006 for a staggering £467,000 ($923,187), that's a hell of a lot of Custard creams.

The dress was hand made and personally designed by Hubert de Givenchy for the movie. It is beautifully handmade of black Italian satin sheath, in the style of an evening gown. It's a sleeveless, floor-length gown with a fitted bodice embellished at the back, with a distinctive cut out back. The skirt is slightly gathered at the waist and there is a slit to the thigh on one side.

In the film, Audrey wears a pair of black elbow-length gloves with a pearl choker with many strands, a foot long cigarette and a sparkly hair decoration. Yeah, it's not the best thing to wear to Tesco's to stock up on doughnuts.

The dress is the most famous little black dress of all time and it has been chosen as the best dress of all time ever worn by a woman in a movie. So I thought this would be the best look to start with, every woman needs a little LBD in her life, am I right ladies?

The first look is for the day. You can mix this black jersey shift dress with an on trend pearl collar. Inject some colour into your outfit with a jade pearl belt that also clinches in the waist, showing off those gorgeous curves of yours. Add some pattern with a polka dot bag and wedges. If you're feet are hurting switch from wedges to pumps, especially if you're hard core shopping. Add some bling with a pearl bracelet, earrings and hair clips. To carry on the pattern wear some polka dot black gloves with a white bow to give your outfit more of a Breakfast at Tiffany's feel.
Breakfast at Tiffany's Dress Day Look
VILA jersey dress, £21 / Call it SPRING black wedge heels / Call it SPRING ballet pumps / Polka dot bag, £13 / ASOS white pearl necklace, £22 / Bracelet / Pearl stud earrings, £6.41 / Glove / Floral belt, £12 / Miss Selfridge crystal hair accessory, £9.62

Modernise the look with a cut out short dress with some serious killer studded heels. Mimic the pearl necklace with this beautiful layered beaded necklace and either big studded bead earrings or dangly beaded earrings. Spruce up your hair with a jewelled hair band and an oh so totally gorgeous beaded black clutch bag, that I've already got my eye on. Continue the Tiffany's look with some fingerless gloves, but up the glamour with a lace pattern, we will have you looking Tiffany chic in no time.
Breakfast at Tiffany's Night look

ASOS dress / Studded pumps / Dorothy Perkins black clutch / Oasis beaded necklace / Pull&Bear diamond shaped earrings, $16 / French Connection jeweled hair accessory / Long glove, $50 / Forever 21 rhinestone hair accessory

To look gorgeous at work but not like you've just stepped out of a club can be a pretty hard thing for a girl to do. So what do you do ladies, get a lower hemline and toned down accessories. Not too toned down though, Elizabeth Taylor would turn in her grave if you did.
Add a belt to clinch the waist in, along with these small heart studs and heart pendant. Tie your hair back and add this sweet headband to continue the look. The plain black suede small heels that aren't too high are a great wardrobe staple, no one wants blisters after running around all day. Wear some wrist cotton gloves to continue the Tiffany look, plus its great if you were too busy the night before watching TOWIE to rescue your chipped nails. Inject some colour with this super cute block colour bag, big enough for all your lipsticks and mascaras, well nearly.

Breakfast at Tiffany's Dress Work Look

ASOS mini dress, £15 / H&M high heel shoes / Wallis black bag, £31 / Miss Selfridge heart necklace, £9.62 / River Island stud earrings / ASOS studded belt, £7.64 / Pearl hair accessory, £7.69
Now this is where you can really bring out your inner Audrey Hepburn. Wear a long black maxi dress with some black glitzy heels that you can dance the night away in. Bling it up with beaded and jewelled accessories including a necklace, earrings and a bracelet. A magpies dream.
Copy Audrey's hair with this beautiful hair gem and to complete this look add this bag that's completely smothered in beads. Believe me, with this look you'd be the belle of the ball.
Breakfast at Tiffany's Dress Formal Look
So there you go, four ways to recreate this beautiful look, now there's no excuse not to look like the lovely Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. If you like the idea of posts like this, please let me know and I'll keep doing them. Who doesn't want to look like a Hollwood siren all the time?

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12 August 2012

1948 Olympics: The Make Do and Mend Games

The past two weeks we have all been full of Olympic spirit and I don't know about you ladies, but I've happily enjoyed watching the diving in HD,widescreen. Last week I wrote about the 1908 Olympics, with its Tug of War and sexy long dresses which you can read about here. As the Olympics are drawing to close and we will have to wait another 4 years to be able to drool over Ryan Lochte boo hoo, I thought I'd tell you all about the second Oympics London held in 1948. I'm starting to think this blog should be renamed Wikipedia.

The Olympics was not held for 12 years with the last one being held in 1936. The Games in 1940 and 1944 were cancelled due to the Second World War, so the 1948 games were the first games held after the devastating effects of the war. Fifty nine countries were invitdue ur Germany and Japan received the cold shoulder, due to a huge amount of hostility during and after the war. Again the organisers only had two years to organise the Games, that's a bit like organising a lavish wedding in a week, beat that Kim Kardashian.

The city was still a bomb site with many of its building toppled or in rubble. The rubble was simply brushed to the side, that must have taken a hell of a lot of dust pan and brushes. Rationing was still in place and was even more severe then it was during the war. How people went without a massive bar of Cadbury's chocolate each week I do not know.

British athletes were given more food and ate whale meat to try and bulk up. Horlicks waItaly's drunk in gallons and it was available at every venue to give the athletes an extra energy boost. Other countries did donate food to poorer countries, with the Netherlands donating 100 tons of fruit and veg and Hungrary donating 160,000 eggs. You definitely can't go without your egg and soldiers in the morning, it's a crime if you do.
Construction materials, food, clothes and petrol were still rationed, so the Games became a 'make do and mend' project. I doubt it was as easy as darning socks or making a skirt out of curtains though.

Accomodation was in short supply due to the bombs, so men were billeted to military barracks or private homes. Women were put up in nursing accomodations, schools and colleges. Unlike the 1908 Games where only 36 out of 2000 women took part, 355 out of 4,064 women were able to compete in 1948.

Competitors had to buy their own uniforms or make them.Thankfully they didn't have to wear long skirts and hats anymore and now had better uniforms to compete in. Sadly there were no sparkly leotards and party makeup on show just yet.

It was only the second Olympics to have an Olympic Torch relay, that was nicknamed 'The Relay of Peace'. Sadly they didn't have a hunky David Beckham lighting it.
 The opening ceremony was opened by King George VI with nearly 90,000 people of all natiotrailing to watch. The ceremony held at the Empire Stadium, Wembley and included a march past of the athletes, the arrival of the torchbearer, a 21 gun salute, the kindling of the fire and at the end 7,000 pigeons were released from cages. This was actually replicated at the 2012 opening ceremony with volunteers on bikes wearing light up wings imitating them. Thank god they weren't real, no one wants to see a tonne of pigeon crap in HD.

A temporary track was built at Wembley Stadium and many government buildings were converted to temporary uses, especially for the media. Sports had to share buildings, with the boxing ring being built over the swimming pool.
The Games were popular with spectators amd tickets to see the Athletics cost only 3 shillings and 6d (17.5p). For the first time the Olympics was broadcast on British television, with the BBC winning the rights to it. The women's swimming became hugely popular for men to watch with the women in scantily clad costumes, some things never change.

The Games included the usual sports such as Gymanstics, Athletics and Archery, but it also included Art competitions. They were held at the fabulous Victoria and Albert Museum and medals were awarded in five catergories, architecture, literature, music, painting, and sculpture for works inspired by sport-related themes. Who wouldn't want to paint a hunky man in tight shorts?

Twenty seven different countries took part with the literature competition attracting 44 entries, and the music competition had 36 entries. The 'sport' had been held in the Games since 1912 and this was the last year it was in the programme.

We won a Gold medal in the Oils and Water colours subcategory, with Alfred Thomson doing a piece called 'London Amateur Championships'. Sadly there were no Dot to Dot or stick men drawing competitions.

It was for the first time a woman, Fanny Blankers-Koen of the Netherlands, emerged as the star of the Games. Fanny was 30-year-old mother of two children and won individual gold medals in the 100 and 200 metres. She also won in the 80m hurdles and won a fourth gold running the anchor leg on Holland's 4x100m relay team, resulting in her being nicknamed 'The Flying Housewife'. Now that is girl power.

Sadly Britain only won 3 golds, 14 silver and 6 golds finishing twelfth overall in the medals table. This was the first time that a host nation had not finished in the top ten. Yep, there definitely should have been a Dot to Dot competition.

Overall London pulled off an amazing Games, especially after everything that had happened and a profit was even made. It pulled the whole country together after a disastrous few years and it was thought of as a huge success being known as the 'Austerity Games'.
 So now 2012 is drawing to a close we can look back on the three Olympics we held in our beautiful country and remember the winners, the excitement and the fabulous costumes. And of course Tom Daley's muscles and his tiny speedos, they won't be forgotten in a hurry.

Second Hand Rose

05 August 2012

Marilyn Monroe Anniversary: Juicy gossip and one very cute dog

We are all caught up in Olympic fever with drooling over Ryan Lochte, but today is the 50th anniversary that the world lost one of its brightest stars. I've blogged about Marilyn a few times including a Marilyn Monroe Exhibiton a Hollywood Legends Auction full of memorabilia and sharing some beautiful unseen photos of her, so you could say I'm just a tad obsessed.

Marilyn Monroe was found dead on the 5th August 1962, she was just 36. Her death has been full of controversy, some blaming her relationship with JFK to be the cause, but her it was ruled as probable suicide from an overdose of drugs. Marilyn is still loved and adored all over the world and is one of the most iconic stars of Hollywood movies. She was known for her incredible beauty and made having wobbly bits and not being stick thin acceptable, so ice cream loving, Fox biscuits gorgers like myself owe her a lot.
Here are some interesting facts about the beauty that you may not know.

1.Marilyn's real name is Norma Jean Mortenson, but was baptised with the surname Baker. She originally modelled under the names Jean Norman and Mona Monroe. Her initial idea for a screen name was Jean Adair. However she legally changed her name to Marilyn Monroe in 1956. Well people do say it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind.

2. Marilyn was born on the 1st June 1926 in Los Angeles California so she would be 86 years old now and still effortlessly gorgeous.

3. She had a very hard childhood and was placed with eleven sets of foster parents after her mother Gladys was institutionalised. Marilyn also spent a year of her life in the Children's Aid Society Orphanage in LA.

4. To escape another orphanage or foster family Marilyn married a sailor called James Dougherty when she was just sixteen. He was sent to the Pacific with the merchant marines and this is when she began working on a production line. Their marriage lasted four years and they broke up in September 1946.

5. Marilyn was discovered in 1945 by a Photographer called David Conover when he visited Adioplane, a munitions factory that she was working on the assembly line at. Within months she became a successful model and pin up securing dozens of magazine covers and a screen test with 20th Century Fox.

6. She was actually pretty athletic and in the 1940's Marilyn studied weightlifting with former Olympic champion Howard Corrington. Nope I can't imagine it either.

7. Marilyn had gorgeous blue eyes and her natural hair colour was brown. By the end of 1946 her hair had become a platinum blonde shade. That must have taken a hell of a lot of nice 'n' easy.

8. Her beauty regime included whitening her skin with hormone cream, TOWIE ladies take note. One of the side effects included a growth of blonde hair on her face. Marilyn refused to remove this fuzz, believing it gave her face a soft glow on camera. Thank god it didn't grow brown, no one wants to look like a beared lady, especially if you're kissing Clark Gable.

9. Along with hormone cream she would sometimes smear Vaseline and cold cream over her face too. Her first husband recalls that she used to rinse her face fifteen times after every wash. When she decided to have a lazy day although I doubt it was slumping around in monkey pajamas, she applied Lanvin or Olive oil on her face as a protecting agent.

10. Marilyn was a keen fan of Chanel No.5 (isn't everyone?) and she would sometimes take ice baths, prepared by her masseur, Ralph Roberts, into which she would add Chanel No. 5. She is quoted in saying 'What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course.'

11.The extremely glitzy beaded Jean Louis dress she wore to sultrily sing Happy Birthday to President Kennedy for his 45th birthday celebration, was a nude champagne colour silk soufflé gown with more than 6,000 beads. In 1999 the gown was sold at Christie's in New York for over $1.26 million.

12. Another dress that was iconic was the dress she wore in the film 'The Seven Year Itch'. It is the famous white billowing dress that blew up in the famous Subway scene. It was put up for sale by Debbie Reynolds in 2011, where it made $4.3 million.

13. Marilyn wasn't just a pretty face. She started her own production company and was the second woman to do so. 'Marilyn Monroe Productions' was formed in 1955 and she helped produce 'The Prince and the Showgirl'.

14. Her hero was Abraham Lincoln and she said that she used to read everything about him that she could find. She was quoted in her autobiography saying that 'he was the only American who seemed most like me, at least in his childhood'. I can't see old Abraham with blonde platinum hair and a flowing dress on though, can you?

15. Marilyn did her famous nude photoshoot in 1947, six years before the photos were used for Playboy's 1953 first edition. The rights to the photos were purchased for $500 by the lad that is Hugh Hefner and Marilyn Monroe became the first 'Sweetheart of the Month'. Later the name was changed to Playmate of the Month.

16. Marilyn owned many dogs during her life, her last was a Maltese terrier given to her by Frank Sinatra, which she named Maf. At the Christie’s sale in 1999, two Polaroids of Maf sold for $344,000. Marilyn named the dog “Maf” because of Frank Sinatra’s alleged mafia connections. To spite Arthur Miller her third husband who she was divorced from, Marilyn used to let Maf sleep on an expensive white beaver coat that he had given her. I suppose that's one way to get your own back on an ex. Tying all their shoe laces together usually works well too, take note Marilyn.

Here are some fabulous quotes from the beauty:

'I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.'

'I don't mind living in a mans world as long as I can be a woman in it.'

'A career is wonderful, but you can't curl up with it on a cold night.'

'I'm very definitely a woman and I enjoy it.'

'I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.'

'The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space.'

'Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.'

'We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.'

'I want to grow old without facelifts. I want to have the courage to be loyal to the face I have made.'

'Love and work are the only two real things in our lives. They belong together, otherwise it is off. Work is in itself a form of love.'
'It's better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you're not.'

Marilyn Monroe will be permanently etched into our hearts and will always be remembered for her style, curves, innocence, fab acting and gorgeous clothes. So Marilyn if you're sitting up there in Hollywood heaven with your white dress on reading this, remember that we have all permanently fallen in love with you and will never forget you. Oh and say hi to Rock Hudson for me, what a babe. Remember ladies in the words of the beautiful woman herself 'Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.'
Second Hand Rose