17 August 2012

Marilyn Monroe: Intimate Exposures-Yes more photos!

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I'm a bit of a Marilyn Monroe addict. I've done several posts about her and I can't get enough of the blonde beauty and her look.

On the 5th August it was 50 years since the world lost a bit of sparkle and Marilyn was taken away from us. I did a commemorative post all about her here, containing some juicy facts and very cute photos. In order to celebrate her life an exhibition has been put on in London. The exhibition contains some gorgeous photos taken by the fabulous Bruno Bernard.

Bruno first met Marilyn as he was leaving the dentist, with a 'I've been good at the dentist' sticker and a lollipop I hope.
Bernard at the time was already one of the most iconic photographers of the 1940's being known as the 'Bernard of Hollywood'.

His pictures were more glamorous then others at the time and he invented the 'pin-up' look. Bruno had his own studio on Sunset Boulevard, where celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor, John Wayne, Ginger Rogers and the gorgeous Gregory Peck and Clark Gable would come to pose. I'd certainly love to be a fly on that wall ogling over Gregory.

He also photographed Strippers, Vegas Showgirls, and many starlets. As well as David Conover who took photos of Marilyn at the munitions factory in 1945 where she worked, Bruno was another photographer who helped launch her career. His photographs on many 1950's magazines now sell for hundreds of pounds.
Some of the most famous photos taken of Marilyn were by Bruno, which included the famous Seven Year Itch dress picture. He loved to photograph her because she was so at ease in front of the camera. No awkward arms and cheesy smiles from her. Facebook users please take note.

By late 1946 Bernard had put her on several covers, but it didn't make her squeal as much excitement as she thought it would. She desperately wanted to be an actress, so Bruno helped her get a screen test with 20th Century Fox.
He organised a silent screen test, as he was afraid of her high pitched voice. Norma quickly changed her name to Marilyn Monroe which he helped her choose. I can just imagine her sitting in her frog pyjamas eating ice cream with him trying to think of a name, although I'm sure it was a lot more glamorous then that.

Her career took off in the the 1950's and she became a world-famous actress staring in films such as “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, “Some Like It Hot” and “How To Marry A Millionaire”. Marilyn never forgot how Bruno helped launch her career and thanked him by saying Remember, Bernie, you started it all.”

This exhibition of Marilyn’s life runs through her early pin-up photographs, candid snaps from glamorous Hollywood parties and rare behind the scenes shots from some of the bombshell’s most famous motion pictures.
They include a head shot of Norma Jean in a beret and sweater; a giggling Monroe on the set of “The Seven Year Itch”; and a heart wrenching photo of her escaping journalists following her divorce from Joe DiMaggio. Waterproof mascara was definitely needed that day.

The exhibition Marilyn: Intimate Exposures runs until the 9th September in the fabulous gallery Proud Chelsea, 161 King's Road, Chelsea. You won't have to fake a dentist appointment to get off work go and see it either, because it's on Monday-Sunday, 10am-7pm and the entrance is free. So you can still buy that lipstick you want and go and admire the beauty!

The cherry on top of the sparkly cake is that Bruno's daughter Susan Bernard has released a book to go with it called Marilyn Monroe: Intimate Exposures, which you can find on Amazon here for £17.50. The book contains over 208 glossy pictures of the beauty with 40 never published before photos. Expect a mad rush ladies and gentlemen.

I hope you enjoy these photos I've hunted down for you and if you want to see even more unseen photos, please check out another Marilyn post I did here. They're not to be missed!
If you are able to go to the exhibition I hope you have a fabulous time drooling over her, but try not to take your man with you, you probably won't be able to get him out of there. Even the offer of food probably won't shift him from gawping at her, who can blame him though.

Second Hand Rose


  1. Those are some gorgeous photographs! It's so strange seeing that iconic blonde with brown hair!! xx

  2. I love the way you phrased little bit of sparkle & the photos are so beautiful.

  3. I love those two color pix of her as a youngin'...the one with the dog especially! That striped playsuit is too cute! Thanks for a fun post :-)

  4. I am SO glad I stumbled across you, I am so going to that exhibition soon!

    Buying the book too xo

    The Young Bridget Jones

  5. She was beautiful :)


  6. She really was stunning :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just found another thing we have in common! I used to have this blog background too! It is a bit weird!

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, it's so well written and researched, wonderful!


  8. I wish I could go! I'm such a Marilyn fan. I enjoyed reading this though, her story is so amazing, what a fabulous woman. ♥


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  10. Aw this is a great post :) I want to be Marilyn she is such a beaut!


  11. Cool post on Marilyn, and thanks for the tip about that new book--I'll need to look for it here in the states!

  12. Once again, an amazing post and beautiful pictures!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  13. I literally learn soo much from all your posts!! And i know where to come when i'm having a Marilyn Monroe moment haha, the photos are gorgeous!

  14. I love seeing photos from before she was ''Marilyn''. Lovely post.



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