23 July 2013

Baby Cambridge's name: From Horace to Harold, a guide to vintage boy's baby names

So while I was scoffing over a packet of Custard Creams yesterday, trying to top up my tan, I spent my time looking at the odd's of the Royal Baby's name with Daddy Second Hand Rose, Waynetta 500/1 anyone?
Yesterday the whole world was gripped with the great Kate wait finally coming to an end. At 4.24pm Kate, with probably immaculate hair and nice Reiss pyjamas on gave birth to a baby boy that will be known as the Prince of Cambridge.
I'm sure I wasn't the only one that was hoping for a girl, so we could carry on the girl power that was started by the babies great grandma and has been carried on by the likes of Margaret Thatcher and let's not forget, the Spice Girls. Plus just think of the amazing wardrobe that baby girl would have had, George ASDA clothing I think not.
Over a hundred thousand pounds has been bet on the child's name, that along with its hair colour, first girlfriend/boyfriends name, first word (Where's my gin and dubbonet? being my favourite) and how old it will be when it's first nightclub photo will be taken. If it's jolly old Uncle Prince Harry has anything to do with it, it will be before it goes to its first Mummy and Me class.
So the next big question is what are the new parents going to call the third in line to the throne? The name could take days if not weeks to be told to the world, so we all have plenty of time to speculate over it's first name and several middle names like it's Daddy.
Well Ladies and Gentleman, I don't think we are looking at a North West situation here, although King Kong would be amazing. The name is probably very likely to have royal connotations and refer back to someone in the history of the family, with George being 7/4 and James at 4/1, the likelihood of Rumpelstiltskin at 500/1, is very slim unfortunately.
Within the last few years, vintage old fashioned names have become increasingly popular. Billie Piper called her two sons Winston James and Eugene Pip whilst Selma Blair opted for Arthur for her little man.
Grandma and Grandad names have been on the rise the past few years. The Gertie's and Doris's are no longer only found in the local bingo hall, they are on roundabouts wearing their mini Boden. Alfred's and Stanley's are not just betting on horse races, they are trying to put marbles up their nose whilst watching Cars for the 8th time.
With programmes like Downton Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs becoming loved by many, names like Albert and Horace are set to be on the rise. Mad Men has made Donald and Roger be on the list of baby names, along with Harold.
If you take a look at the popular boys names in the UK in 2013 so far, there are a lot of old fashioned names in the top 20 including Jacob, Alfie (Alfred), Oscar and Issac all making an appearance. As a writer I'm obsessed with baby names. I scour over hundreds of names trying to find the perfect one for the characters I write about and try and make the name fit the person. So if you see me on Mumsnet.com Mr.Boyfriend don't worry, you don't need to start buying the sparkly baby grows just yet.
There seems to be a one hundred year rule with names. Ones that were popular
a century ago, are now having the cobwebs blown off them and are being brought back to life. Names associated with our great grandparents and grandparents, such as Rose and Arthur are becoming a lot more common.
Names from our parents generation like Roger, Carol and Nigel are not seen as favourable anymore. However, in a couple of generations time people could be cooing over baby Tracey and Ian. Taking a picture of them with a 1mm thin iPhone, that has a 30 megapixel camera of course.
So Kate and William, if you fancy hopping on the 'Granddad chic' bandwagon for baby Cambridge, here are a few ideas for you from decades gone by.
Boys:William, John, George, Thomas, Arthur, James, Charles, Frederick, Albert and Ernest.
Names had to be strong sounding and be perfect for a bank manager or lawyer.
1910s and 1920s
Boys: In the 1910s the top names didn't change for boys. Who wouldn't love to snuggle a little baby Ernest? Other names in the top fifty are Stanley, Edward, Leonard and Henry.
Boys: In the 1930s Donald crept higher up the list, maybe due to Donald Duck becoming popular in 1934. Come on Kate, doesn't everyone want to be named after a cute duck in a sailor suit?
Boys: John, David, Michael, Peter, Robert, Anthony, Brian, Alan, William and James
As you can see, post war names changed a lot and boys names really did sound like the cast of Coronation Street. So maybe they're not perfect for the baby's very own Coronation in decades to come. King Alan does sound pretty cool though.
Boys: David, John, Stephen, Michael, Peter, Paul, Robert, Alan, Christopher and Anthony.
It was the first time Christopher was in the top 10 along with Paul and Stephen.
Boys: David, Paul, Andrew, Mark, John, Michael, Stephen, Ian, Robert and Richard.
Due to Beatlemania, John and Paul were extremely popular, King Ringo does have a certain ring to it you must admit.
Boys: Paul, Mark, David, Andrew, Richard, Christopher, James, Simon, Michael and Matthew.
Boys names didn't really change much, people were too busy tye dying their T-shirts. The names just went up or down the list, well they do say you can never change a man.
Boys:Christopher, James, David, Daniel, Michael, Matthew, Andrew, Richard, Paul and Mark
Even though the 80s were full of flamboyant clothes, hair and shoulder pads, male names remained traditional. No Barnaby's or Caspar's just yet.
Boys: Jack, Thomas, James, Joshua, Daniel, Matthew, Samuel, Joseph, Callum and William.
The 90's saw a real trend for more biblical names for boys, I don't think there were many Jesus's though.
Boys: Oliver, Jack, Harry, Alfie, Joshua, Thomas, Charlie, William, James and Daniel
Oliver is still at the top spot for popular names, along with names like Alfie and Harry.
Old fashioned names are set to become even more popular, say bye bye to Apple and Maddox and hello to Horace and Albert. I hope if any of you are having a baby boy this has helped you in making a decision in what to call your little Prince.
Over a hundred years so many things have changed, along with baby names. I hope you've all enjoyed this peek into the past and I hope this helped you Kate and William if you're struggling to decide what to call your little bundle of history.
Oh and p.s.,Kate if you could get your hands on some Alexander McQueen gems or Jimmy Choo shoes for me, I'd be eternally grateful.
Second Hand Rose