18 November 2011

10 Years Younger, Pudsey Style

Fashion conscious: Pudsey bears designed by, from left Jonathan Saunders, PPQ, Mulberry, Giles Deacon, Kate Hillier, Liberty, Henry Holland, Patrick Grant and ErdemTonight is Children in Need night which basically means cuddling up with the cat, eating Chinese food and being with my two favourite men, Ben and Jerry (sorry Mr.Boyfriend). Or is that just me? Anyway I’m sure we will all watch a bit of Terry Wogan with his spotty bow tie and wonder how many outfit changes does Fearne Cotton really need.

It is also one of the few days a year where you can stuff your face with fairy cakes and not feel bad about it ,because the £6 you spent on the 20p cakes is actually going to help some poor children all over the country. I think we can justify £3 worth of donuts too, don’t you? The iconic mascot of children in need is obviously the big yellow bear Pudsey. I’ve always wondered what dear old Pudsey has done to his eye but maybe he is just a big fan of Pirates of the Carribean. Plus how come he doesn't age? Pudsey if you are reading this please give me the name of the wrinkle cream you use, that or the name of your surgeon. 

Pudsey goes couture for BBC's Children In NeedPudsey goes couture for BBC's Children In NeedSo all around the country people are doing things to raise money for Children in Need and this year some famous fashion designers have hopped on the charity band wagon. Helping people must be in this year then. Famous designers including Louis Vuitton, Erdem, Mulberry, Giles Deacon and Henry Holland have given the furry bear a huge makeover and changed his look completely. Obviously designers used their 2012 collections and iconic prints as inspiration to help promote their label and designs, honestly Second Hand Rose you are far too cynical.
Giles Deacon turned Pudsey into a silver metallic leather punky bear with a seriously cool silver chicken wire type bandage, its Pudsey does the 80s. Pringle did a complete opposite making him out of luxury Cashemere with one carat diamonds finishing off his outfit, now that bear has some serious bling.

'Not a diva': The designers including PPQ (left), Kate Hillier (centre) and Patrick Grant had fun working with the bearPaws for thought: Mullberry, Liberty and Jonathan Saunders' designs are all being auctioned on eBay. They have a reserve price of £200 but are expected to fetch much morePPQ made Pudsey look pretty sleek with a black velvet covering, a black ribbon as a bow tie and a cream satin bandage. He does have some bling on his bandage, a big gem eye and one on his bow tie,which are possibly diamonds. I'm sure they are not some £1.50 gems from a craft shop. This is high fashion darling.

Mulberry made Pudsey out of the same Soft Buffalo leather that they make their sort after Alexa bag out of. The colour range was classic Oak with Chocolate paws and mouth,which are two of Mulberry’s most iconic colours. See, now do you think I’m being cynical?  Tartan was the theme for the bears made by Patrick Grant and Henry Holland with Pudsey rocking the look in various shades. Sadly they didn’t make him a kilt though.

Pudsey goes couture for BBC's Children In Need'Not a diva': The designers including PPQ (left), Kate Hillier (centre) and Patrick Grant had fun working with the bearPrints were a big theme with Topshop Unique using white and dark blue fabric with black squiqqles all over it. They gave Pudsey a denim eye patch and a fabric tribal style necklace. All of the designers gave Pudsey an eye patch in their own unique way, but I don't think we will see them on models strutting down the runway anytime soon.

Jonathan Saunders used a quirky geometric print in white, red,light blue and dark blue. You can barely see Pudsey’s features on the bear though and it just makes me start humming the American National Anthem. Well it would if I could remember it.
Paws for thought: Mullberry, Liberty and Jonathan Saunders' designs are all being auctioned on eBay. They have a reserve price of £200 but are expected to fetch much morePaws for thought: Mullberry, Liberty and Jonathan Saunders' designs are all being auctioned on eBay. They have a reserve price of £200 but are expected to fetch much moreLiberty got in on the act making Pudsey out of some of their iconic floral prints and they made Pudsey a jumper out of some lovely floral material. I’m sure Pudsey is glad he has finally had some clothes put on him, he must be fed up of being naked all the time. He also comes with a little purple Liberty bag with some small bits of material in which looks adorable. Erdem also went all flowery with bright yellow floral prints and a white floral bandage going over his eye. They gave him a blue button eye, but like the Jonathan Saunders bear you can hardly see his features, so Pudsey honey I think its time for some plastic surgery.

Henry Holland's bear'Not a diva': The designers including PPQ (left), Kate Hillier (centre) and Patrick Grant had fun working with the bearOne of the best bears in my opinion was made by Katie Hillier, who is the accessories designer behind Victoria Beckham’s bag collection. Katie’s designs for her own label Hillier all derive from inspiration from children and childhood memories. Yeah I don’t see Victoria being very happy with a spotty paint covered bag,do you?  The bear is made out of different shades of denim with a mismatched fabric covered tummy, bandage and foot. The other foot is covered in buttons and he has a button eye and a hand stitched nose. The bear has visible stitching marks in different colours and he looks like a loved bear that has had to be sewn up with mismatched fabrics, due to being cuddled and played with a lot. It looks like a proper children’s bear that has been treasured. Without the sick and chocolate stains though.

Pudsey goes couture for BBC's Children In NeedThe diva of the collection (of course there always is one) is Pudsey by Louis Vuitton. Two designers at Vuitton have collaborated together to make a seriously stylish Pudsey. His body is made out of a red and blue vintage Vuitton print with shearling fluffy feet, which is wool from sheep sheered once, thanks very much Online Dictionary. Pudsey has a dark blue bandage over his eye and comes complete with a red calfskin leather jacket with gold studs and Louis Vuitton written on the back in gold studs. There are also gold spikes on the end of his arms and his eye is a big square gold stud with a gold stud nose. I think this a Pudsey going through a mid life crisis bear. Pudsey also comes with a classic Louis Vuitton monogrammed case with some accessories. Now that is one lucky bear.
Pudsey goes fashion for Children in Need
The bears are and have been on show at Liberty’s and have been selling on eBay starting at £200. So if you fancy having one of these designer bears, visit CinN eBay Store for more details. Just to warn you though if you have your eyes on the Louis Vuitton bear, then you will need to find over £16,100.00 which is the winning bid at the moment. I think that would have to be one very long and persuasive letter to Father Christmas this year. What designer would you have liked to have seen a Pudsey creation by? I would have just loved to have seen a Vivienne Westwood or a John Galliano Pudsey bear. I can just imagine Pudsey with spiked up punky fur wearing 12 inch heels with layers and layers of tulle on, can't you?

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  1. They're so cute!
    I'd love to see one by Alexander McQueen...
    he'd probably be wearing a diamond embellished bra and a pair of killer heels! lol


  2. Awww they are adorable!!! But so expensive...


  3. Aw I absolutely love these Pudsey bears, especially the Mulberry ones! :) Another great post Miss!

    I've changed my blog URL, and just incase you can't see me anymore, it's iamkathyb.blogspot.com

    Some people have had to unfollow and follow again, arg! Xx

  4. this is the first time i've heard of and seen pudsey bears! i think it's amazing how all these designers have contributed to a cause as amazing as children in need! :)

    p.s. i agree with serena, it'd be amazing to see a pudsey bear by alexander mcqueen. i think this is sarah burton's year. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  5. Didn't know about these fashion musts - pity they are out of my league but may have a go at creating my own.As usual a fascinating and informative blog
    well done - keep writing!
    Sandy xx

  6. I totally agree with you Serena and Mimi! I would have loved to have seen an Alexander McQueen bear, its such a shame he isn't here to do one! Thanks very much for the lovely comments ladies! XxxX

  7. Pudsey bears are adorable and what a great cause. Thanks for sharing!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. love it! so cute- especially love the layout of your blog! the british colors :D
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
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  9. Thanks everyone for such lovely comments! Thanks the cookies, I really appreciate feedback on my blog and I'm so glad that you like it! XxxX


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