26 June 2012

Finding Mr. Right 1920's style: Be prepared to get your bunsen burner out

A couple of weeks ago the lovely Emily kindly let me do a guest post on her blog. While she was getting a nice tan and staring at some hunky waiters (you lucky thing you), I wrote all about dating tips from the 1930's and updated them for the modern girl. You can read all about it and see some funny black and white pictures here. I enjoyed learning about the old dating techniques and it sort of made me want to be on the dating scene again, just so I could try them all out. Although you can't beat a weekend of Dad's Army, cake and cuddles with Mr. Boyfriend.

Bizarre matchmaking: The article from a 1924 edition of Science and Invention magazine recommends smelling your partner's scent via a hosepipeAfter doing this post I did some more research into old dating tips and found some great but very funny advice. Recently an article from a 1924 edition of Science and Invention magazine has been discovered. The article gives some bizarre methods on how to test a couple's compatibility, so if you are wondering whether you've found your Mr Darcy or not, then you may want to try out these techniques.

These so called 'basic' tests consist of four unusual experiments, including the body odour test, the nervous disorder test, the sympathy test and the physical attraction test. Now beat that Match.com.

Test your mettle: If at least one person in the couple stays calm when they hear a gun go off beside them, then they are compatibile In the body odour test one person should place themselves in a large capsule with a hose attached and then their partner takes a big sniff off the smell. If it is not found 'too objectionable' then the match is 'safe'. This sounds as bad as smelling your man's feet. Warning: This test may make you rush to Boots to buy them some deodorant. Thank god for the 3 for 2 offer.

The aim of the nervous disorder test is to find out whether at least one half of a couple can be calm under pressure. The test imagines a man shooting a gun into the air with the reactions from you and your partner recorded. If both of you pee your pants and run screaming to the biscuit tin then you apparently shouldn't get married.

Finding the perfect couple: In the sympathy test, the woman watches her partner giving blood and her reaction is measured to see if she's sympathetic enoughThe sympathy test is done to find out whether a husband or wife is sympathetic to their partner when they are in pain. One of you must watch your partner go through something mildly traumatic, such as giving blood. In my opinion finding the Asos dress you desperately wanted out of stock or your man watching England lose at the football is equally traumatic. Whoever is watching the test has their heart rate and breathing measured. If the rates increase then they are thought to be a 'sufficiently sympathetic partner'. What this test does not take into account is the 'sympathy' and transformation into Florence Nightingale us ladies have to go through when our poor darling has man flu.

Is it love? The physical attraction test measures pulse and breathing when a couple embracesThe final test is the physical attraction test and according to the magazine it is the most important factor in any marriage. Well who really wants to be stuck with a Sideshow Bob lookalike the rest of their lives? I'd have Rock Hudson over him anyday. The test is done by measuring the couple's pulse and breathing rate when they embrace. If both heart rates increase when they hug or kiss, this is then 'scientific evidence' of attraction. Your man jumping on you even when Top Gear is on might be a sign as well.

The magazine says that the tests are vital for establishing a happy relationship and for finding out if a couple should have children together. It says 'We take extreme care in breeding horses, dogs and cats, but when we come to ourselves we are extremely careless and do not use our heads, nor the means that science puts in our hands for scientific breeding.' Um ok, these tests sound interesting, but charm, a sense of humour and kindness does it for me I don't know about you ladies. Obviously muscly arms and a six pack is a pretty big bonus too.

Second Hand Rose


  1. Hahaha I love the final bit about scientific breeding - in fact I love the whole post! I can't imagine either Lee or I being ok at a gunshot or the blood test - I'd just faint, but I hear ya about the sympathy of losing the football, I just stared at Lee and told him he was freaking me out by being so intense... I love the way you write :) xxxxx

  2. Ohmg is this funny! "extreme care in breeding horses, dogs and cats, but when we come to ourselves we are extremely careless" hahaha! I would love to back in time just to take these tests just for the fun. But my boyfriend kicking his gaming addiction cuz i told him to is enough reason to not take the tests though. Thanks so much SHR for sharing this hilairious article:)

  3. Your blog is very amusing... I don't know if I can try these, but at least I'll know about them. :)

  4. Such a good post! I'd never heard of these before- especially love the gunshot one...if someone didn't react to a gun going off, I'd be a little concerned haha!
    If I eventually get a boyfriend, I'll be sure to test our compatability ;)
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  5. i agree, those tests sound interesting and it kinda makes sense to a certain point, but i'm not so sure how well that would work, haha. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  6. I love you, and I love your posts, and I love the way you write! You are such a talented lady, and without fail, I always learn something new every single time I swing by your little corner of fabulousness on the blogosphere!

    This was so interesting, and quite bizarre. I'd love to give it a go, especially the physical attraction test. Can I be paired with Ryan Reynolds?! Xx

  7. Oh this post made my day! How funny and old fashioned xx

  8. I love your blog! This post is awesome!
    Check out my blog, write your opinion and maybe...follow?
    Where are you from?

  9. Aww the last one was cute! Probably is quite true as well in some aspect but the other well.. hahah if i had to smell anyones feet I'd run a mile so I'd probs be lonely forever with a million cats haha
    cute blog!

  10. Haha this is fantastically, utterly BIZARRE! I love the physical attraction test the most hehe!

    Jen xx

    P.S I find Sideshow Bob divinely attractive! Haha! Actually no, not really. I prefer Sideshow Mel with a bit of Krusty on weekends! Ha! xx


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