05 September 2012

Happy Birthday to my Blog! NEW PAGE ALERT=SALE!!

My biggest fan
I can't believe I'm writing this, but yesterday my baby was a year old! No I haven't been hiding a mini Second Hand Rose from you all, I'm talking about my blog. It's hard to believe it's a whole year ago that I nervously wrote my first post 'My big hello to the world' and have now written 94 posts! It's crazy that I've been rambling on to you all for a year now and I haven't been banned for all my obsessing over Christian Louboutin's and Rock Hudson!

I would have written this earlier in the week, but Jasper the cat and I were celebrating with plenty of Sex and the City episodes, chocolate and biscuits, any excuse. Jasper and I happily spent Monday dancing around my bedroom singing Happy Birthday to ourselves, we know how to live. I can't believe that I have 142 people voluntarily following my blog and have had over 18,200 views. My blog has literally changed my life, when I'm out or talking to people, I'm always finding things to write about and share with you all. Everytime my phone chimes and tells me I have a new comment it makes me smile like a kid in a chocolate shop and I value every single word that people leave on my blog, even those 'I can make you rich' scam comments.

I regularly check my stats for the day and where in the world people have clicked onto my blog. Daddy Second Hand Rose and I love looking at all the statistics and comparing them to the day,week or month before, yes we are just a tad geeky. My blog has been a platform for me to gush about everything I adore, I think Mr.Boyfriend is pretty pleased now he doesn't have to listen to me waffle on about Marilyn Monroe or how I wish I had a 1950's wardrobe as much as I used to, that boy deserves a medal.

So to celebrate my blog blowing out its first candle I have added a new page! I've been wanting to do this for a while now and this seems the perfect time to start! The page is called 'My Treasure Chest' and features vintage clothes, accessories and patterns that I'm selling. I have created a page dedicated to all these gorgeous items, it was either that or Rock Hudson.
Over the past few months I've been rummaging around vintage fairs and going crazy in charity shops over gorgeous things. I am starting to sell them to a) Try and start carving a life for myself and b) The Asos sale is just way way too tempting!!

Every week I will be adding new items to the page and I'll be blogging about them too, so please keep looking! I am also offering 10% off to my fabulous blog followers! Just bid and when you've won pop me an e-mail and I will happily deduct the money, or give you a huge squeeze and serenade you, it's your choice.
They will be wrapped securely with love in pink acid free tissue paper to help preserve them and tied up with ribbon.
Here's a sneak peek of what I'm selling, click on the page for more details. Enjoy!


  1. Happy birthday! And congratulations!

    That 70's shirt... man... that's... that's BRIGHT.

  2. happy happy 1st birthday to second hand rose!!! i am so happy that i've gotten to know you here on blogger! looking forward to more posts from you! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  3. Congratulations on getting to a year! Here's to another 12 months of fabulous posts and rambles! I agree about getting geeky about stats, it has to be done. xxx

  4. Aaw I'm so glad you started blogging ! I LOVE reading your posts !! You are such a beautiful person, keep up the lovely blogging missis ! <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. For a second I genuinely thought you had a baby haha!
    Happy birthday to your wonderful blog! You deserve all those page views, all those comments and followers- you're so beautiful, in appearance and the way you write!
    Throughout the year you've been in bloggerland, I've really appreciated all your comments and support, so thank you so much for that :) You really are one my favourite bloggers, and I feel like you're one of my actual friends rather than just an internet one!

    Love, Elizabeth xx



    I cannot tell you how happy I am that you started this little blog. Over the past year you have had me laughing, crying, contemplating my fashion choices, going 'ooooh, ahhhh', and learning many a fine and wonderful thing! You are an incredible writer and never fail to inspire and amaze me!

    So please keep writing! It's LOVE. xXx

  7. Oh yay!! Such an amazing milestone! Happy bday to your blog! :)
    - Aimee

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