10 September 2013

Happy Birthday to my blog baby!!

Last Tuesday my little blog blew out two candles on its birthday cake. Yes, we have now hit the terrible two's and its now turned into a toddler. I just hope it doesn't start throwing tantrums and demand to watch Peppa Pig.
I honestly can't believe that it was two years ago that I began writing on here. Blogging has become an integral part of my life and whilst my blog is not necessarily as advanced as I'd have liked it to have been, I am extremely grateful for the 174 of you that come back to read time and time again, without me even having to bribe you. I feel truly honoured that you read my writing and your comments and views really do make my day. My blogging regime this year has been pretty rubbish, along with my 'exercise' regime and New Year's Resolution to eat less biscuits. I've basically had to taken a eight month break and just blogged a handful of times, but I'm determined to get back to writing on here at least twice a week, so sorry everyone you'll be seeing a whole lot more of me!
I originally planned to blog last week, but my other baby, the furry baby (a.k.a my ghostwriter) was not very well and all my attention and time was spent looking after him. I was relinquishing my inner desire as a child to be a Vet and was trying to give him a cat rehydration drink through a syringe every twenty minutes and was even having to force feed him king prawns, we never thought we'd see the day when he turned down a king prawn.
Thankfully Jasper is back to his usual soppy, noisy, greedy self and lapping up all the attention and milking it as much as he can. He's not very happy that he's not getting tuna, fresh king prawns and Salmon Terrine to eat every day now. He's loving all the extra cuddles, kisses and grooming he is having and is fully back to doing his donkey impression every time he wants something. I was determined not to give up on my baby, even though he is twenty one and 104 in cat years! I stayed up with him all Sunday night feeding him Whiskas milk to make sure he didn't get too dehydrated before we took him to the Vet which was terrifying and Monday night I gave him electrolytes every hour. I went shopping to try and find him something that he would eat, I even bought baby food in case he fancied that instead of his normal cat food. Yes ladies and gentleman, I'm officially an old cat lady.
It was an incredibly nerve wracking and stomach clenching experience and I feel like I aged eighty years in four days, so that cat owes me some anti-wrinkle cream, big time. He slept in my room for four nights whilst I tended to his every need. I slept around him, so if he wanted to lie at the top of my bed, I was lying across my bed, soppy isn't the word. He wasn't particularly happy when he had to go back to his usual sleeping habits of sleeping in the kitchen in his 'spaceship'. He pathetically meowed at me as I was going up the stairs and I could hear him from my bedroom, how parents leave their kids at nursery I do not know.
The latest issue of Vintage Life came out last week as well and I'm excited to show you all my latest article. It's all about handbags through the decades, starting from the 1900s to the 1980s. I stop at the 80s as writing about the 90s, the decade I was born in as 'vintage' is just far too depressing. I already have Mr. Boyfriend telling me every day I'm half way to forty as it is.
I have also been baking again, what can I say I want to be Mary Berry, what with her amazing talent and fabulous Zara blazers. It was my lovely chiropractor's birthday, so I made some lemon cupcakes, filled with lemon buttercream and iced them with buttercream in all different colours on the top with an icing tip to make them look like Hydrangea's, which I'm obsessed with at the moment. I then put them in some little flower pots that I had, decorated the pot with ribbon and made some ladybirds, flowers and butterflies out of fondant to put on the cakes and to decorate the board with. All that watching Garderners World with my parents every Friday night must be rubbing off on me.
This week it's Mummy and Daddy Second Hand Rose's 33rd Anniversary. I can't believe that my mum has put up with my Dad's incessant sniffing and chucking his toe nails behind the bed and my Dad has put up with my Mum's awful time keeping for that long!! They are still very much in love and have gone away for a few days this week to feel young again, personally I think it's going to take a lot more than that.
So my sister and Inhave been left in charge of looking after King Jasper and making sure the house doesn't burn down. Jasper keeps going into my Mum and Dad's room and looking all over for them and meowing, what can I say he loves his Mummy and Daddy.
Mr. Boyfriend is also staying for a few days, so he can help me do things when my sister is busy and be here with me when she's gone to make sure me and Jasper don't get captured by the Bogey man.
Since we've been unable to have a holiday, either due to money or me not being too well, this will be the longest time in one go that we have spent together. Four days and three nights, might not seem a lot, but trust me it is when the person you are with sees everything as a toy and ends up breaking anything and everything in sight. So this is our first proper go at domestic bliss-ish. Mr.Boyfriend works Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, so it does mean we get a break and I can sit and watch crappy Romcoms and moan about how unrealistic they are with my sister and Jasper of course.
I am planning to cook a meal tonight, so I'm hoping it's not a complete inedible disaster and I have to call out the fire brigade, although frankly I wouldn't mind seeing some hunky firemen up close in the flesh.
So wish me good luck and oh if you see the air filled with smoke, don't worry it's probably my burnt Tagliatelle.
Second Hand Rose


  1. I'm glad to hear that Jasper is back in full health! It is horrible when they're ill!

    Happy blog birthday hun! x

  2. Those cupcakes are SOOO pretty! You're doing great work there girl. Dr Vet SR Rose indeed! ;-) AND, It's always nice to read your posts even if they are not very often!

  3. Another wonderful post as always! Your writing never fails to brighten up my day! I'm glad Jasper is doing okay after his poorly spell... He clearly has the most pawfect mother in the entire world! ;) (I know, I'm just hilarious.)

    And HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to your amazing blog; the most delightful bloggety creation I ever did stumble across. I will read this for as long as you write it and will always look forward to seeing new posts pop up!

    Lots of love! Xx

  4. Awww Happy 2nd Birthday to your lovely blog! Fab post. Poor Jasper! So sorry he was not well :( Sounds like you did an amazing job taking care of him. I didn't know he was 21! Wow! Vintage kitty.

    Well done on your vintage magazine articles. How amazing that you get another outlet to write about what you adore!

    Wow! You really are quite the baker! Those flower pot cakes look fabulous! Such delicate work too! You should have your own little cake boutique. People would love it!

    Sorry to hear you've not been well & have had a big blogging break. I was kind of going through the same. I haven't posted in a few months now. Just reading your blog has made me want to blog, blog, blog. Thanks for the pick me up!

    Happy Anniversary to your parents too! I bloody love the cake you posted on Twitter.

    Anyway, glad I caught up with your blog. I have so much catching up to do with my faves.

    Jen xxx

    P.S I have a good moan about rom coms too! If you ever get a chance to watch 'I Give It A Year' look out for me in the background. Hehe! I am in a couple of scenes. I haven't seen it yet though. :D

  5. I'm glad that you started your blog, without you and your inspiration - I wouldn't have continued with mine! Keep up the great work beaut! Lots of love xxxx


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