05 March 2012

A theory on how to get a pair of Louboutin's out of your man: Believe me this will work!

First of all I would like to thank each and every one of you who is reading this, for reading this. Feel free to give yourself a pat on the back and have another chocolate digestive.
Saturday the 3rd of March was my 6 month anniversary for starting to write my ramblings down and not having to gush to my family so much about how in love I am with Rock Hudson and how much I want a metallic purple Beetle. They don't seem to be walking around with cotton wool in their ears now, so I imagine they are all very relieved.

Somehow I have actually managed to get 86 people to click the 'Follow' button and subject themselves to read about my sewing woes and how I am determined to own a whole wardrobe of Christian Louboutin's one day. So all of you followers and practically anyone that clicks on my blog thank you, I am sending a huge squeeze and will happily buy you at least three Easter eggs. Oh and this still clarifies if you clicked on the wrong page whilst trying to find the lyrics to sing into your hairbrush for Barbara Streisand's song 'Second Hand Rose', I'm sorry to disappoint.

 Christian Louboutin, surrounded by dancers wearing his shoes, at the Crazy Horse in Paris
Last week I wrote about Christian Louboutin's new collection celebrating being a whole load of loveliness for the past twenty years. You can read all about it and how in love with the man I am here. Well now I have even more news to report about him, just call me Fiona Bruce.

Louboutin has now directed a cabaret show at The Crazy Horse in Paris. The show is called 'Feu' which as google translation kindly tells me is the French word for fire. This isn't just a normal cabaret show though, it is completly full of nude dancers. Yes Ladies, this is one shoe oogling time that your man won't mind coming with you.

Show to remember: Louboutin is 'guest creator' of the show, which will run from March 4th to May 31st The show consists of four acts which have themes ranging from hip hop music to great art paintings. Louboutin was involved in the whole show, including choreography and set design. So now we get to the important bit, the shoes. Well let's just say you won't be finding any of these designs in Clarks any time soon.
The act 'Spoutnik' would frankly make your Grandmother want to whack the man with her handbag and cover all the dancers up with one of her crochet blankets. It contains two scantily clad Space Age dancers gyrating on a rotating table wearing silver half-shoes. Don't worry Mummy Second Hand Rose, I won't be getting you tickets for Mother's Day. The shoes, well if you can call them that are just a heel connected by two fine straps around the ankle and foot. I doubt us ladies will be wearing them on a night on the tiles.
In the act 'Legmania' only black stocking-ed legs are seen which perform a number in shoes with giant spiked heels that curve to be parallel with the soles and the shoes completely morph into the body.

At one point in the show all the dancer's shoes break and at another point a pair of gold shoes sashay across the stage and kick an imaginary match to light up the word 'Feu', which then appears in flames on the curtain. So yes you could say that the man has one hell of an imagination.
The barely there costumes that I'm sure your man would be able to describe in depth are designed by London based knitwear designer Mark Fast. The show opened yesterday and will run until the 31st of May.

It is doubtful anyone paid attention to the red solesThis is definitely a cabaret to go and see if you can persuade your man to go with you, which I'm sure after showing him photos of it won't take too much prodding and eyelash batting on your part. You never know, you might get a nice pair of Louboutin's out of it, the promise of a scantily clad dancer in the shop will get your man dragging you in there. What a shame that would be.

Second Hand Rose


  1. Fantastic post my love! Congratulations on your 6 month bloggiversary! Here's to the next 6 months! Cannot wait to keep reading! Xx

  2. Ahh I'm glad you enjoyed that ! I saw it an immediately had to message you !! Dxxx

  3. Great post,lovely;)
    Congrats on your 6 month anniversary!!!
    See you soon
    p.s. I use your wonderful phone cover in Milan fashion week:)
    Fashion tea at 5

  4. Sounds like an amazing show!
    Happy Anniversary, darling!



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