28 February 2012

Keep Calm Ladies its only a Christian Louboutin collection

Sorry for the lack of posting last week, but the new issue of Vogue and a very tricky 1940's knitting pattern needed my full attention. I have also been oogling over the lovely clothes from Upstairs Downstairs and the hunky men in tuxedos, well what can I say I'm only human.
Over the past few years the 'Keep Calm and Carry on' slogan has been everywhere, from iPad cases to scrapbooks. It is a revived saying to help us all get through the economic crisis, supposedly. Of course companies have taken advantage of this and there are now as many derivations of the slogan as there are shoes in my room and believe me Ladies and Gentlemen that is a lot. 
You can get key rings that say 'Keep Calm and Buy Shoes' and posters that say 'Keep Calm and Drink Tea', which if you are English this has been etched on your brain since birth. When anything goes wrong in England, tea seems to always solve it, that or the Asos sale. 

Brave people have even got it tattooed on their bodies, but the cynicism in me thinks that a lot of the 'younger' generation (god I feel old) doesn't really know where it originates from and think its just a clever marketing scheme thought up by some blokes in a pub over a pint and a chip butty. Sadly there isn't any sign of a meerkat though.

Valuable: A collection of 15 original Keep Calm and Carry On Posters have been uncovered on the Antiques Roadshow and could be worth several thousand poundsSo if you have no idea where this saying comes from, I will enrich your mind with the background behind it. Now keep calm and read on. See what I did there? 
Thousands of posters with 'Keep Calm and Carry on', 'Your courage, your resourcefulness and your resolution will bring us victory' and 'Freedom is in your peril, defend it with all your might' were distributed in 1940's to help people keep calm if the Germans invaded. 

I can see why the 'Keep Calm' one is more popular then the others, you try remembering the other ones after a few beers. It was thought and feared that any minute the German's would invade Britain with their 'Operation Sea Lion' plan. But due to them being defeated in the Battle of Britain the operation was not carried out, which meant the posters were useless and binned.

This poster was one of a three image series released by the Ministry of Information in 1939But on Sunday night whilst sitting down with a hot chocolate and a purring Jasper watching the Antiques Roadshow, some original posters re-appeared. I think you are all probably more shocked about the fact that I watch the Antiques Roadshow and that I have admitted it, it did take some courage. 

A lovely women called Mrs Turnball hitched up with fifteen of the original posters, some in mint condition. 
Her father Mr Turnball was a member of the Royal Observer Corps and was issued a cluster of posters to distribute around where he lived in shop windows and bus stops. Well its better then Lurex adverts and graffiti. 

This poster was one the two others released alongside the Keep Calm and Carry On posterHowever, by the time he received him the threat of the German invasion had diminisshed, bad form Royal Mail. He kept them rolled up with a plastic band at his home and has now passed them onto his daughter. Maybe he was one of those people that says 'this will be worth something one day' and keeps it in storage on the off chance that they can get a few beers out of it and a nice holiday. For most people and I'm talking about your here Daddy Second Hand Rose, the things normally end up to only be worth about a fiver. 
However, Mr Turnball has handed his daughter the 'Monopoly'. And before you ask she doesn't have to collect £200 when she passes go. The lovely expert in his dashing tweed jacket Paul Atterbury informed her that she was 'probably sitting on the world's only stock' of the famous posters and they were worth several thousand pounds, even some of the good ones being a £1000 each. Is anyone else very tempted to hunt her down and beg her for one so they can buy some Jimmy Choo's, or is that just me? 

Mrs Turnball was told not that long ago that the posters were worthless, so it proves that you should always go on tv, have a chinwag with Fiona Bruce and get your items valued by a man in a tweed jacket. 

The second snippet of news I wanted to share with you all is that one of the true master of shoes Christian Louboutin has designed a capsule collection which contains some of the most beautiful shoes, which will make you go into a fit of hysteria, not that I have.
 He has designed the collection to celebrate the 20 successful years he has had as the king of the red sole. The collection includes twenty of his most recognisable designs that have helped secure him in the hearts of women all over the world. 

Lots of celebrities are seen in them from Nicole Kidman to Sarah Jessica Parker and the Duchess of Cambridge is a fan. Over the past few years you constantly see the TOWIE girls strutting their stuff in them, along with the Kardashians. Louboutin has made one-off shoes especially for films, fashion shows and celebrities. Who can forget VB's huge platform six inch heels at the Royal Wedding.

My desire to own a pair, well seventy really is no secret and I have spent many hours gasping over some of his amazing designs. If you got a pair of Christian Louboutin's would you wear them though? Sadly we are not all like celebrity's and can afford to get them dirty and scraped. I wouldn't want to get a scrap of dirt on them, so would most possibly end up tip-toeing with them on. Either that or get Mr. Boyfriend to carry me everywhere. So I think if I got a pair they would mostly end up being the centre piece in my room for me to dream over, whilst having a hot chocolate and a choccy biscuit. A girl can still dream though and believe me I do.

Louboutin's are now an international brand and shops are even being opened up in India, Vietnam and Turkey. Just think while your man goes off to find some English bar to go and watch the footy you can go shoe shopping and put it down as a holiday spend, I've got it all worked out. 

This capsule collection is gorgeous and yesterday along with it being Daddy SHR's birthday a pop-up shop was opened in Selfridge's where the shoes are going to be sold, before they are avaliable in Louboutin stores from March

Each style included in this collection is rich with history, full of life and carries it with a unique story of creation and inspiration. The collection contains an array of designs, colours and styles from zips, spikes and fringes. But the cherry on top of the Louboutin cake is that the collection also contains six stunning bags which will just make you want to get the first train to Selfridges. 

Amazing drawings of the collection have also been released and a book commemorating his 20th anniversary is now available, which I'm determind to get my hands on, even though it is around £85-£55. 

You can find it here at WHSmith, just make sure you save one for me. You may think its expensive and you'd rather spend your money on biscuits, but this book isn't just any old book. It has a leather imitation cover, with glossy photos and even pop ups, including an interview with the dapper man himself.


Christian Louboutin Capsule Collection_5
However, due to Christian Louboutin being so sought after, there are many fake websites out there selling them for around £150. Some admit they are copies, but a lot reel you in with the promise of having a piece of the Louboutin world, but at a fraction of the normal price. This is the same for many designers, along with Vivienne Westwood with them selling fake jewellery and bags. Thankfully Louboutin is hot on the trail of these websites and there is a long long list of the ones that are counterfeit, which you can find here. If you are splurging on a pair the best place to get them are from the official websites and legal established ones like Matches and Net-A-Porter.

This goes for all other designers, but if you are not sure whether a website is real or not, just e-mail the official website for the designer and ask them. I'll be on Watchdog next.

Christian Louboutin has played a huge role in the history 21st century shoes and has won the hearts and feet of millions. If you're reading Mr Louboutin and on the off chance have a pair going spare, could you possibly send them to me? I'd be very grateful and if needed I will happily bribe you with cake.

Second Hand Rose


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  3. Love, love, love this post! I'm a big fan of the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' range, and very proud that I knew where it originated from, although this post definitely helped to tweak my knowledge! ;)

    As for the shoes, don't get me started on the shoes! I LOVE THE SHOES! Xx

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  7. Fantastic post! It's great to know the history of those "Keep Calm..." posters. When they first started showing up I had a feeling it was a reference to something WW2-era. Nice to know the real story.
    Oh and BTW, I watch Antiques Roadshow, too! Don't be ashamed...you are not alone ;-)

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