01 February 2012

I think its about time you all met my sidekick..

I have been blogging for nearly five months now and all through that I have had my sidekick there helping my write, giving me cuddles when I need it and lots of laughter and 'aww' moments. No I'm not talking about Mr. Boyfriend, I'm talking about my amazing and extremely gorgeous Burmilla cat Jasper. I have mentioned him in a few posts, but not told you much about him. We have had him for nearly five years now and he has given us all so much love, amazing snuggles and laughter. I know this is not a vintage or fashion post, but being twenty years old he is vintage and he does wear a bow tie, so he is one pretty fashionable old moggy.

His grooming case
Being groomed by Grandma
We rescued him from going to the cats home, as my Grandma's neighbour was moving and needed to get rid of her cats. At the time he lived with a two year old black scatty cat and an eight year old one, so he didn't really get much attention. Now he lives a happy life as the only cat of the household, which he runs. He has a comfy large circle bed, known as his spaceship, a furry mat so he can sit where he wants and a little bed that he has made in the cupboard under the stairs, he loves being Jasper Potter.
He also has a grooming kit, complete with two different combs and a large grooming brush, a Pet mit, nail clippers, tweezers, a Cat nip mouse, a glittery collar and a travel bowl. He also has a little fleece toy which he cuddles at night. The bag is complete with his name jewelled on the front, obviously . He is the biggest pampered princess out and is groomed and cuddled regularly. Due to his age he only has two teeth and his breath would make you faint, so I have to put tooth paste on his gums with my finger, not the best job in the world.

All cuddled up under the stairs
His usual position by the fire
Jasper doesn't meow like normal cats and when he wants to come in he sounds like a donkey. Thankfully we have a donkey sanctuary near us, so we tell the neighbours that its the donkey's that our waking them up. When he wants something, we know all about it and sometimes he even meows just because he wants a cuddle or he wants the light switched on in a room he wants to go into, because he is scared of the dark. I nearly got him a head torch for Christmas. He sleeps on someones bed from about 7am to 6pm after having three sachets of food and he is carried downstairs to his spot in the sitting room to spend the evening with us. He has to have the fire on, otherwise he is not happy and tries to move the guard by nudging it, I swear he is a pyromaniac.

Being fed prawns
Eating Grandma's Custard
Jasper eats us out of house and home and is very cunning when he wants more food. He goes to one person and gets some food and then goes to another one of us pretending he hasn't had any. He loves Quorn ham, Custard, Baked Beans and Macaroni Cheese, but his favourite thing to eat are Prawns, he goes crazy for them. Once I was in Tesco's with Mummy Second Hand Rose and they had an offer on frozen prawns and she said to me 'lets get a bag for Jasper', so in the freezer we have a bag of prawns labelled 'Jasper's mits off', I told you he ran the house.

At Christmas he had his own stocking full of presents and had a nice Christmas meal, dressed up in a very smart Father Christmas outfit for the occasion. We recorded our Christmas on video and the majority of it was on Jasper. It was so sweet because he sat in the room with us all Christmas day, he loves being with us all. When we are eating dinner he comes and sits with us and in the evening he has a firm spot on the settee taking up half of it, or on the floor with his legs up in the air next to the fire. When he wants attention he lies on the floor and puts his paws up in a begging position and meows. We have never had a cat like him and he really is a part of the family.
Jasper's stocking

Due to eating so much Jasper weighs close to a stone, so he is pretty good to lift when you are doing weights. He is clearly overweight but because he looks so adorable the vet says he doesn't need to lose weight and he is 'cuddly', even though he would be a good candidate for The Biggest Loser.
Looking like a Turkey

Jasper looks after himself and is regularly seen grooming. He has no shred of masculinity about him and I'm sure he would be someone like Louie Spence if he was a person, but with less dancing. He doesn't mind how you pick him up, you can carry and hold him like a baby and he doesn't care one little bit. You can even take him down the stairs like it, he also loves car journeys. Once when we he was in the car with me and my sister and he was sitting on my lap in the front seat of the car, the man next to us at the traffic lights did have to look twice.
Comfortable by the fire at Grandma's
Having a cuddle with Grandma

Although he is twenty he shows no signs of going to Pussy cat heaven just yet, he only suffers from selective arthritis in his hips ie. his hips are bad when he wants carrying up the stairs, but when he can smell prawns, he can easily leg it down the stairs to the kitchen. Jasper rarely goes out but he does love sun worshipping on his back. He is scared by leaves so he regularly runs in the house skating around the table on two paws and runs upstairs, I told you he had selective arthritis. We have so many photos of Jasper, I have around 500 of them and in each one he shows so much character. Jasper has given us so much happiness over the past 5 years and we really hope he will be around for a long time to come, even though he may make us bankrupt with cat food and prawn debts.
Dressed up as Paddington Bear
He fell asleep and rolled off soon afterwards!
Reading the amazing Kathy B's blog 

Helping with my knitting

Second Hand Rose


  1. OK how much does he charge for the modelling contract?

  2. I've always thought that I was more of a dog person... I think this post just turned me into a cat person, Jasper is ADORABLE! xx

  3. oooh ur cat is sooo sweet! like ur pictures =)

  4. I used to wonder who that handsome guy is in your blogger profile pic,now i know. Jasper is sooooooo adoreable. I didn't know a cat who has baked beans! I did know one who liked boiled potatoes though. I'm really a cat person and I would never get tired of seeing pics of cats. All the pics are so sweet and makes me want to cuddle him right now. Hope he doesn't go to cat-heaven too soon and has a happy time with SHR and Grandma:)


  5. Haha Jasper Potter, I love it! He is a beaut and a half! xXx

  6. I love Jasper. What a handsome guy. Looks like he's ten.

  7. Your cat is soo cute! My cat's called Jasper too :) x

  8. Awwwwww I thoroughly loved this post SHR! Jasper is such a character, you wouldn't think you were talking about a cat here! Haha! Love all the photos. 'Looking like a turkey' haha that made me laugh! So cute that he loves custard. He's just so huggable <3

    Jen xx


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