02 January 2012

New Year, New Resolutions and a whole lot of leftover Christmas Pudding

Less then 48 hours ago was New Year's Eve, the night of the year where we all stuff our faces, which if you are in my house you have done all week and drink yourself silly, probably to get through the game of Charades that your mother is making you play. You may decide or be lucky enough to be able to go out to celebrate New Year, this includes being in a packed room with your friends and some drunk strangers that are undressing you with your eyes, who you always end up kissing at midnight.

You've been eyeing up the hot guy in the corner all night and have casually been moving closer to him so you end up getting to kiss him at midnight. 99% of the time you end up kissing one of the drunk strangers who has a mix of a whisky/ peanut fuelled breath. You then have to hold sweaty people's palms to sing Auld Lang Syne. So the start of your New Year consists of having a drunken kiss with someone you will hopefully never see again and having to listen to a drunken out of tune rendition of Auld Lang Syne, yeah I think I'll stay at home with my cheese and crackers watching the lovely Huw Edwards show us our British attempt at fireworks thanks.

That's exactly what I did this year, I subjected Mr.Boyfriend to a night of rubbish telly with me and Mummy and Daddy Second Hand Rose, I cannot apologise enough. This year it was the gorgeous Jake Humphrey who helped us bring in the new year, which you must admit is worth staying in for.

2012 is very happening, but let me warn you if you live in the Uk you will have to put up with hearing about the Olympics for the next 207 days and the Queen's diamond jubilee. Frankly I'm bored of the news articles on the size of the swimming pool and what colour the Queen's hats are going to be this year.

 So a new year, new start and whole load of new resolutions. We all make resolutions each year to lose weight, quit smoking or even to only limit our self to buying only one pair of shoes a month, yeah that never works for me either. There's something about new year that brings optimism, it is a time to turn over a new leaf and become a new you, most of the time you end up just lasting till the second week of January though, or is that just me? I mean how can you not eat a gorgeous chocolate cake or buy those red velvet shoes that are in the sale? Daddy Second Hand Rose is a bit cynical and says its just another night, another day and another year. But this year I'm going to be positive and was actually excited yesterday, the first day of my new resolutions which I will do my best to try and stick to, obviously not buying shoes isn't on the list, that's just not possible.

My Resolution's

1. Find time to read, there are so many books I want to read, from Cecilia Ahern to Dickens and Orwell, I want to become a literature queen. I also plan to read War and Peace, the book with 560,000 words and around 1400 pages. It may seem a weird book for me to want to read, but not many people can say they have actually read it cover to cover and talking about Becky Bloomwood's latest shopping adventure in the Diary of Shopaholic, doesn't really impress my 65 year old academic neighbours at dinner parties.

2. Dive into my over packed wardrobe and sort my clothes out, yes I am actually going to get rid of some of my clothes. This will probably end up only being a belt and an old pair of shorts, but I can at least have a go.

3. Make an item of clothing each month, whether its a knitted top or a sewn dress, it doesn't matter. I want to make some more clothes for myself with my vintage sewing patterns, crochet 50's tops here we come.

4. To clean my teeth twice a day. This may seem like an obvious and natural thing to do, but I forget a lot in the morning. The threat of going to the dentist and the Corsodyl mouthwash advert where the girl has lost a tooth due to gum disease, has made me reach for the toothbrush and start religiously brushing again.

5. Sort out all my magazines in my room, I literally have about two hundred magazines all stacked in my room,date order of course. I keep them to go through and cut articles I'm interested in, designs that I like and to cut out pictures of delicious hunks of course.

6. To text Mr.Boyfriend before 5pm every day, he's not too happy about getting a good morning text just before he has his dinner.

7. To try not to eat my weight in biscuits and chocolate every week, I think we all know how that ones gonna turn out.

8. To try and keep my room tidy, my mum isn't too happy for having to climb over an obstacle course every morning to shout in my ear to wake up. Its not my fault I don't have enough room for all my hundreds of shoes.

9. To have a complete and utter bubble bath extravaganza once a week. Its one of my favourite things to do, but I haven't had much time to soak in the bath for three hours eating pickled onions (I know I'm weird) and watching Bridget Jones. Total bliss, even if it does make me turn into an albino prune.

10. To try and stop drooling over Bradley Cooper and imagining running away and having a life with him, sorry Mr.Boyfriend.

So there are my slightly weird resolutions for the year, some are to stop doing things and some are to start doing things. I'll try as best as I can to stick to them but I think we all know how eating my weight in biscuits and drooling over Bradley Cooper are going to turn out.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year and I look forward to reading your resolutions. Just don't make one to lose weight, Cadbury's Twirl bites and Fox's extremely chocolatey cookies will ruin it, believe me.

Second Hand Rose


  1. My New Year's resolutions are:
    1) Bed by 10pm every (well most!) nights. That extra bit of sleep before midnight makes a massive difference and I feel much better going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier than getting the same amount of sleep but a few hours later.

    2) Learn a language. I'm going to speak Italian so fluently that next time you see me you'll think I'm Sophia Loren!

    3) Stop worrying about every trying to lose weight. Accept that if I load weight, I still won't be happy with my body as everything will be lost from my boobs and none from my bum so I'm going to embrace my figure and learn to love the derriere. Besides, if people are paying to have bum implants I should be grateful it's saving me the surgery!

    4) Play the piano much more and learn a new piece of music every month.

    Yours are more imaginative than mine though- I like the bubble bath idea!


  2. Aaaw I'm loving your resolutions hun ! Hope you had a lovely Christmas !


  3. I love your writing style! followed :)x



  4. Your posts always make me smile!
    Happy new year!
    I have given you an award, find out more on my blog...

  5. your resolutions are fantastic I also want to read War and Peace, especially after watching a funny version of Woody Allen. Also did order in my wardrobe, got rid of my bags and after 3 weeks I was writing letters to people who bought them and asked for resell. I had to pay more! You are wonderful, I'll be your fan. Greetings and best wishes in the new year. I apologize for my English (I only have a one resolution for the new year - to learn English)

  6. no.4! so totally agree! I know its kinda wierd. I brush at night and forget to brush in the morning.Happens if you wake up at 9 and have to be out by 10, like me...:D


  7. Happy New Year SHR! For some wild reason, I have only just seen that you have posted recently! I was getting worried you'd disappeared off of the face of the earth! Evidently, my Dashboard is playing cruel tricks on me.

    Love your New Year resolutions, especially the one about texting your boyfriend before 5pm every day! That one made me smile! And making your own clothes- how impressive is that?! Please, please put some pictures up as you do! I'd love to see your handy work! :)


  8. Great post, loved reading ur resolutions, they are great and some I have added to my own list :) xo


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