24 January 2012

Seven Sizzling Snippets for a Tuesday

I have officially been out of the bloggersphere for 13 days, welcome back to me. Every day I've been wanting to blog but either a) I've not got around to it or b) had zero Internet connection. Last week on the 16th it was mine and Mr.Boyfriend's 1st Anniversary, I will blog about him turning into Mr Darcy another time, but celebrating and preparing for that was on of the reasons why I didn't have time to ramble on to you all. Also my parents, sister and her boyfriend took a lovely holiday to Lanzarote for a few days, lucky old them. It meant that my cat and I had our own little holiday at my Grandma's. Yes, my cat came on holiday with me. Even though my grandma is pretty obsessed with texting now and is turning into Phileas Fogg by getting a passport at 81, she has not yet got broadband. Even though she fancies that Adam bloke off the BT Broadband Ad, she doesn't really understand what it is so she doesn't think its something she needs. Although I am starting to get her hooked on Amazon, she can't believe you can get cheap kettles online, next it will be microwaves.

The only remote connection I had to the Internet world last week was a dongle, that I had to disconnect and connect at least once every minute and my phone, well I've gotta get my weekly shoe fix somehow. But now me and the cat are safely back home in the land of a goodish broadband (this was meant to be snippets for a Monday) and lots of bubble bath. Asos sales I have missed you.
There are many things that I have been wanting to blog about, so I thought the best thing would be to try and put them all in one post and try and tell you all about them at least before Easter. 
So here are my Seven Sizzling Snippets-

1. David Beckham Starkers
David Beckham reveals his H&M underwear rangeThis is one for both the ladies and the men. Men want to be him and ladies want him. Especially me. I'm not really a football kind of girl, but I have always had a crush on David Beckham and his changing hairstyles. He has modelled in his boxers before for Armani, but this time he has made his own collection of clothes for H&M. Before you all start imagining him in a mankini and a thong, which I'm sure even he would look good in, the nine piece collection ranges from boxers, t-shirts, long johns and pyjamas, all inspired by pieces from his own wardrobe. Yeah I can just see him wearing tartan pyjamas and slippers with a ton weight of digestives, can't you? 

The collection is released on February 2 and goes on sale in 1,800 stores worldwide. So ladies if you want your very own David, which I'm sure you all do, you can buy one of these items for your man for Valentine's day, which will hopefully turn him into a man full of hunkyness, wishful thinking eh. To top it off he has done a TV campaign for his collection, which will be making its debut during Superbowl Sunday on the 5th February, you lucky lucky Americans. So before we all check Virgin Atlantic for flights to America to see the advert, don't worry we will all eventually see the 30 seconds of heaven, plus there's always Youtube oh and staring at the picture released of him in his boxers all day, not that I've been doing that.

2. Miracle Bum Shaper Tights
Streamlined: The lifting shape eliminates the need for uncomfortable control pantsResearch has been done that shows by the end of the first week of January those of us that have tried to go on a diet have ditched it. Speaking for myself it was probably around three days in, Fox's biscuits you will be the death of me. No fear ladies Asda has come to the rescue. They have released some tights that give you a toned bum and a flat stomach to rival Miranda Kerr. 

The tights have two control panels on the bum which encircle and lift each cheek. They also have an elastic panel that flattens the stomach and creates a smoother, rounder appearance. These miracle tights mean you don't have to try and squeeze into controllable pants and mean you can actually eat more then a lettuce leaf when you go out. To top it off the tights are only £5. Yes five of our gold coins. So now you can have that second biscuit without worrying about it going to your thighs and you don't have to go to that horrible Pilates session that practically kills you, you can wear these tights instead. Asda I could kiss you.

3. Converse lover
Obsession or hobby? Penny Gold has just set the world record with her 733 pairs of Converse All Stars that she began collecting fifteen years ago
 Now if you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I have an extreme passion for shoes. I'm used to people telling me I have too many shoes or I don't need anymore blah blah blah, I'm talking about you Mr. Boyfriend. But Penny Gold from Florida makes me look like a complete novice shoe collector. Penny has broken the world record for the amount of Converse shoes owned. 

Penny currently owns 733 pairs of Converse, now that's an awful lot of shoe racks. She started collecting Converse when she was a child, they were only red, black or yellow then, but now she has shoes with all the colours of the rainbow, Richard of York would be proud. They all have lots of styles with unique designs and prints, including a New York subway Map, well that's one way to make room in your bag. 

Penny Gold, world record holder for Converse shoes
Now where does she put them all? Penny has a walk-in space wardrobe with floor to ceiling shelves, custom built with love an patience by her husband Barry, who thinks her passion for them is great. I hope you're listening Mr.Boyfriend. 

Penny is waiting to here from the Guinness World Records people and if they approve her record she will take the title from Joshua Mueller of Washington State who had 560 pairs. So all you women that have long discussions with their boyfriends about the amount of shoes they have, show them Penny's collection. I don't think they will mind those 10 pairs of heels taking up their side of the wardrobe anymore.

4.Etta James
Last Friday while tucking into my third chocolate biscuit came the news that Etta James had died. You may wonder who that is, but you will have heard at least one of her famous songs. Etta has had many hits including 'Something's Got a Hold on Me' and 'Wallflower', but her most famous song is 'At Last', which is a wedding favourite. Plus I hear it is a very popular song to listen to in your pyjamas, with Ben and Jerry's when that guy you really like has given you the 'Its not you, its me' line, so I'm heard. 

Etta with her earthy voice first had hits in the charts as a teenager and over the years had a string of R&B and pop/string hits and reached No1 on the R&B charts in 1955. Its not the sort of R&B we are used to now with sunglasses and hoods. Etta went out of the limelight for a while in the 60's but she re-emerged in 1967 with her famous hard-edged soulful sound. Etta was sadly diagnosed with leukaemia in 2010 and also suffered from dementia and hepatitis C. Etta passed away from complications from her leukaemia and died at a hospital in California. Etta might not be known as well as Shirley Bassey or  Frank Sinatra, but she will be known for her meaningful music that will live on, especially 'At Last' with its swooning strings, that I'm sure will be played at many weddings with happiness and in many rooms accompanied by ice cream and tears.

5. The Dynasty Divas
Then and now: Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham in Dynasty, pictured left and right in the advert
The Old Days
For those of you that don't spend their time watching old television shows and wishing they were back in the 1950's or 1980's, Dynasty was a very popular American soap opera that ran from 1981 to 1991. It was about the saga of a wealthy family from Denver that have an oil business. 

Eighties icon Joan Collins as she appears in a light-hearted advert for SnickersNo sadly its not coming back, but two of the main actresses are back to do a Snickers advert, yes you read that right. It features Joan Collins who played Alexis Carrington and Stephanie Beacham who played Sable Colby, they are replacing Mr T from the A-Team to advertise the chocolate. Is it just me or do you think the Snickers advert creators have been watching to many programmes from the 80's? We'll see Body and Doyle advertising the nutty bar next. 
The ladies are back in their Dallas 80's style clothes, but have replaced the wealthy Denver with the changing room of a Sunday League football team, yes again you read that right. The campaign runs from the 22nd January for a month, believe me it is worth seeing you can watch it here, just don't watch it if your trying to give up chocolate.

6. Cheryl and the Prince
Cheryl Cole's first limited edition lipstick is now on sale with a portion of the proceeds going to charityCheryl Cole's first limited edition lipstick is now on sale with a portion of the proceeds going to charityNow I'm not normally one to blog about celebrities products they have Heat and Hello to do that for them, but this is a good cause so I will make an exception. Plus I'm always on the look out for a new lipstick, isn't every girl? Cheryl Cole with L'Oreal Paris have launched a lipstick priced at £8.16 with proceeds going to The Prince's Trust. The charity helps change young lives and has been doing so for the past 35 years. 

The Cheryl Cole Foundation launched in April 2011 and supports The Prince's Trust, this lipstick is the first of many things she will be doing to raise money. The lipstick is called 'Red Passion' (Shade no. 297) and Cheryl said that she wanted to create a lipstick that would suit everyone, hopefully even albino's like me. So if you fancy a new lipstick or just want to help out a charity without putting a few coppers in a box and getting a sticker, pop down to your local Boots where you can get the limited edition lipstick, with £1 of every sale going to the charity. Your getting a new lipstick and supporting a Prince's charity, result. Let's just hope Prince Harry knocks on one of our doors sometime soon to say thank you.

7. Versace's 2nd Collection for H&M
Tropical fruit dress, £59.99
Fruit and flower print bikini, £19.99Sandal, £59.99Versace launched a collection for H&M late last year with the lovely Donatella making an appearance at the Regent's Street H&M. I'm not really one for designer/high street collaborations and paying double the price that you would normally pay. Don't get me wrong I can see why people get excited about them, but I certainly wouldn't camp outside a shop to buy the same thing that hundreds of people are buying. I'm not a tent and cooking sausages on a stove kind of girl. If I did buy something I would buy it because I liked it, not because of the label. 

Versace have released their 2nd and last collection for H&M called the Cruise Collection. It is strictly available online, so you don't have to even get out of your pyjamas to buy something, now that's my kind of collection. It really reminds me of fruit machines in pubs with its bright colours and fruit patterns. It is also full of flowers, palm trees and butterflies making you want to hit the beach, that or the gym.

The collection also contains jewellery and shoes with a continuation of prints and some a-symmetric dresses. So everyone hook onto the H&M website in your PJs and start buying something for the summer that is full of fruitiness, well its one way to get your five a day.

So there are my seven snippets for you, that range from bum shaping tights to soul music and fruity clothes. Just call me Google but with a little more style and a lot more shoes.

Second Hand Rose


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you're back! I did wonder where you'd been! Glad you've been having a wild time with Granny SHR though- cheap kettles on Amazon?! You just can't go wrong!

    Great post, especially the David Beckham part. Some men get more attractive/chiselled with age, and he is most definitely one of those! I'd certainly give him a cuddle and a half! ;)


  2. Awesome post, darling!
    So excited about the 2nd Versace / H&M collab!


  3. such a fun and interesting read! i would love to hear about your one year anniversary with the boyfriend too!!

  4. OHMG I'm so jealous of or amazed at( I don't know which to be) the converse collection. I'd love to steal them all if they were size 4.
    I can't wait for Beckham's ad campaign. I would paste a blow-up on my bedroom ceiling if I could ;)

    I love your scribblings, SHR. Its awesome that you could take your cat on holiday with you too. do blog about Mr.boyfriend soon...


  5. Am in total agreement about David Beckham and those photos- absolute Lush. Congrats on your anniversary, I hope you had a lovely time! Woah that's a lot of converse, I am jealous of the amount she has to choose from! xxx


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