13 April 2012

Blog Awards, a chance to pry and a huge big Thank you!!

Last Saturday morning I put my phone on and checked Blogger, like I seem to do at least four times an hour. After taking about ten minutes to zoom in on the screen, silly Smart phones I noticed I had 100 followers. Yes 1.0.0. I couldn't and still can't believe that I have over 100 people that actually read my ramblings about my love of Frank Sinatra, extreme shoe obsession and adventures of me and Mr.Boyfriend. I am eternally grateful that 104 of you and counting have clicked the 'Follow' button and subjected yourself to my sarcasm and charming wit, if I do say so myself.

The amazing and talented Kathy over at IAmKathyB gave me my first award the 'Tell Me About Yourself Award' back in September, where I had to give you all a nosey into my high heeled fuelled life. You can read the 7 wonderful facts here, including my Twister winning talent and my love of crazy golf.
I have also been awarded the Versatile blog Award by the gorgeous Elizabeth at Butterfly Boo, the Kreativ Award by the lovely Chitraa at Chitraa's Fashion Diary and the very fashionable Lucy at Lucy Locket, who will make me bankrupt one day with her Wednesday Wants.

I feel very honoured to be awarded these awards ladies, so thank you so much. But I do apologise for telling everyone and I mean EVERYone about them, sorry Mr Big Issue.
Recently I have been awarded the Sunshine Award from Neeno over at Sew Me Love, so a huge thank you, I'm glad you all continue to enjoy my posts, even if I do ramble on a bit too much about Christian Louboutin, well who can blame me.

So because a lot of you have read the seven facts from the 'Tell Me About Yourself Award',  I will indulge you in seven more quick facts about the Second Hand Rose, just call me Britannica Encyclopedia:

1. I have a huge craving for pickled onions and I was very happy when I received a huge 1kg jar of them for Christmas. I eat them mainly whilst in the bath listening to my 1940's music, you could say I'm one very strange child.

2. You all know I love heels, hell I talk about them enough but I also adore spats. I have gold glittery ones, blue leopard print ones and some traditional black and white ones, I adore them. I think my love of them comes from Walker in Dad's Army, my first eternal crush. I am determined to find some original men's spats lurking in a charity shop one day, but I doubt I'm going to find some in a size 5 though, unless the seven dwarfs have a pair lurking about.
If only my room was big enough

3. I have a verging on OCD obsession with the number 4, everything I do has to be done in 4's. I have no idea but it just does, especially the microwave beeps. Mr. Boyfriend desperately tries to get the beeps not divisible by 4 just to annoy me. This results in me holding down his arms, while he tries to press the microwave with his nose. Yes ladies, this is what happens after 16 months together when you really love someone, you start to try and do everything to piss each other off.

4. I am a compulsive knitter, I can't go a day, maybe an hour without doing some knitting much of the delight to my Grandma. I'm not talking about boring itchy jumpers that your Grandma gives you for Christmas, I mean 1940's Fairisle, 1940's turbans and striking patterns with an awful lot of colours.

5. Along with my love of cats, mainly my own I love Owl's and Butterflies. I'm also starting to get keen on Bird's, I'm not talking about boring old Pigeons and Magpies, I mean bright blue Kingfishers and the spotted Woodpecker,who is really working the monochrome trend. I like seeing them strutting their stuff in my garden, I'm getting more and more like my parents every day.

6. I adore listening to The Rat Pack. Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra are my go to thing after a bad day, that and a tub of Ben and Jerry's. I love Under the Bridges of Paris by Dean Martin and My Funny Valentine by Frank Sinatra. My favourite song ever is Moon River, I just find it so beautiful and it takes me right back to those era's I love. It's safe to say I'm not a P Diddy or Dappy kinda girl.

7. I adore murder mysteries, especially old ones. I love watching Murder She Wrote with the amazing Jessica Fletcher and Diagnosis Murder with Dr Sloan. I also like current crime TV like New Tricks, Body of Proof and Silent Witness. Although I can't watch Silent Witness alone and find myself running up the stairs at night for at least a week, okay a month after watching it.

So there are seven I hope interesting things about me. Now for the Sunshine Award questions, I don't know why I don't just make myself a Wikipedia page.

1. Favourite colour: I go through phases of colours, I really like Pastels at the moment and Berry, but I would say overall that it's Greeny Turquoise or Lavender, at least for now.
2. Favourite animal: I'm afraid Jasper will spit out a fur ball on my shoes if I don't say Cats, so Cats.
How could you not love him??
3.Favourite number: As I said earlier I'm obsessed with the number 4 so that, or 8 or 16 (4x4 makes me happy) or 44, I told you I was one strange cookie.
4. Favourite non-alcoholic drink: I'm a bit of a smoothie addict, it always makes me feel healthy and less guilty for having too many choccy biscuits!
5. Facebook or Twitter: A year ago I would have said Facebook, but now its Twitter. There are only so many drunk pictures of your friends that you can see.
6. My passion: Vintage life, everything about it I love. I adore the history of it all especially the wars and how people lived through it, truly inspirational. I'm not the sort of person that says they adore vintage clothes when they don't know the difference between the 40's and the 70's. I also adore making clothes and knitting.
7. Favourite pattern: What I'm making at the moment, Bestway Knitting no.82.
vintage fair isle knitting patterns for ladies8. Favourite day of the week: Like most people it's Friday, especially Friday night when you can snuggle up in your hoodie and watch some crappy TV, knowing you have two whole days of doing what you want.

9. Favourite flower: I like Blue Roses even though a lot are sprayed, but regarding natural flowers at the moment its either Turquoise Hydrangea's or brightly coloured Gerbera's. I love old English cottage country gardens too, I think its obvious I've watched too much Miss Marple and Gardener's World with my parents.
10. Favourite celebrity role model: I admire Dita Von Teese an awful lot, I love her style and her not being afraid to be who she is.

It would take me at least two hours to work out who I want to give these awards to and I always feel bad when I don't pick some people, it's like when your the last one picked for the rounders team at school. So I'm offering these awards out to all of my Followers with a big huge and I mean huge thanks to all of them. Thank you for all the 359 comments, thank you for the awards and thank you for continuing to read my chatter about my fascination with World War Two and my love of bubble baths, complete with pickled onions of course.

Second Hand Rose


  1. Well done with the awards! You deserve them :D Love the part about my Wednesday Wants post hehee, i'm glad you enjoy them!! :) And your facts and questions are fab-Beyonce has a thing for the number 4 too... And your idea of a friday night sounds like the perfect night in hehe.

  2. I am so thrilled for you! Enjoy all of the awards, you so deserve them. You are so charming, lovely, and worthy of all of the success. Go celebrate!

    Lots of love xxxx


  3. Big Congratulations on hitting 100 followers!!! Since I was thrilled recently just to get into the double digits, I know what a big deal this is :-) Congrats to you also on your awards!

  4. Congrats on all of these awards!

    You have such a nice blog. I'd love if we followed each other.

    Simply follow me with GFC, and then comment on any of my posts to let me know that you’re following. After that, I’ll follow you back 100%.

    Thanks! See you soon?


  5. congrats on your awards!! isn't it nice to be recognized by fellow bloggers? good for you. This is a fun post....always interesting to know more about my blogging friends.
    have a great day!

  6. After reading your blog, you throughly deserve the recognition. I love to come across blogs like yours, interesting and individual! :)

    Marie x


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