01 April 2012

Vintage style Underwear = The perfect reason not to go to the gym

On Friday as I'm sure all the Katie Price's of the world know, it was National Cleavage Day.  I know this post should have been done on the day, but I was too busy using my cleavage to try and get a bigger piece of cake in Costa from the yummy waiter, well you can't blame a girl for trying. Wonderbra conducted a study and found that two thirds of British women have used their cleavage to get ahead in life. I hate to think what the other third of women were using to get ahead. Apparently 8% revealed that they had used low cut tops to escape a parking fine and 16% have used their, um assets to queue jump. So take note ladies, although I don't think it will work on the crusty old lady who smells of Yardley in front of you in the queue somehow.

Well ladies and I suppose gentlemen I have a treat for you. There is a huge hype about Mad Men at the moment. From the hair to the clothes we all like seeing Bettie and Joan, oh and Jon Draper isn't that bad either. The Mad Men girls look stunning in there early 60's style outfits with nipped in waists, tea dresses and pencil style hugging outfits and skirts that make you put down the biscuits and pick up the lettuce leaves, probably not for long though.

The actresses playing the gorgeous girls have to wear the right under garments to recreate the look. They didn't have thongs that gave you a wedgie or g-strings in the 60's, lucky them. Joan played by Christina Hendricks is classic with her outfits, she wears a girdle, stockings, a slip and long line bras, not all together though. Peggy played by Elisabeth Moss is more modern and wears a bra, tights and a slip. Actresses were actually turned away who had fake boobs as it wouldn't reflect the 60's properly, sorry Demi Moore.

Mad Men's Janie Bryant collaborated on Maidenform's new shape wear range is vintage inspired to create beautiful garments that also create a beautiful silhouetteBut now we can all get the Mad Men look with the help of Janie Bryant, the amazing woman in charge of costumes on Mad Men! Janie has joined forces with Maidenform, for a very special 90th anniversary vintage style capsule, shapewear collection. No more ugly Bridget Jones style pants for us ladies! This collection puts being a twig in a corner and celebrates curves and femininity at its best, its pretty cute too. The shapewear around is boring, but this collection is full of gorgeous bras, alluring half slips, full slips, lovely waist nippers and beautiful knickers. It has a black sheen with hints of lace which will not make you shy to show it to your boyfriend, badly flesh coloured granny pants aren't the yummiest thing in the world.

Mad Men's Janie Bryant collaborated on Maidenform's new shape wear range is vintage inspired to create beautiful garments that also create a beautiful silhouetteMaidenform's 90th anniversary shape wear collection which Mad Men's costume designer Janie Bryant collaborated on

Janie had a peek into the Maidenform archives and rejuvenated their retro designs and beautiful garments of years gone by. I know a few of you (including me) have shied away from shapewear and feel like it's only for people with lots of lumps and bumps but it's not, anyone any age can wear it. It doesn't just hide those little wobbly bits that you hate and your boyfriend loves (why is that?), it smooths out your body giving you the perfect womanly shape. Janie says that it is a vital part of a woman's wardrobe and finding pieces that fit properly is

Remember every body is different and whether you are skinny or curvy, shapewear will help you achieve those yummy curves that your body was made for. Remember a woman's figure is beautiful, it really is. Men don't have those amazing curves that we do, so embrace them don't hide them.

First look at Maidenform's new shape wear collection which Mad Men's Janie Bryant collaborated onThese pieces are a bit pricey ranging from $50 to $130, but if you think about it they will help rejuvenate your wardrobe and your happiness, well that's what you should tell your man anyway. The collection comes in Black, Silver Starlet and Gunmetal Grey. It is available in stores in April worldwide, so make sure you throw those granny pants out in preparation.

Image of Fonda Suspender Belt L2052 ProductIn the meantime I encourage you to go and look at the fabulous site What Katie Did. They have been manufacturing vintage style lingerie since 1999 and their peices are frequently used in retro movies, including 'My Week with Marilyn', television projects and magazines. They have two stores in London and Hollywood, plus a great online shop. It is full of gorgeous vintage style pieces, including the infamous cone bras a snip at £39.50. They have fabulous looks that you can easily achieve with their sets, shapewear, corsets and hosiery. This is a must for any vintage clothes lover, who wants to accurately recreate the look, even if it does mean you look like you have two traffic cones attached to you.

Image of L2063 Harlow Knickers SS12 Product
Image of L3017 Glamour Zip Underbust Girdle ProductImage of L3013 Josephine Corselette Product

If you want to wear a 50's style fitted dress or even just an ordinary pencil skirt or bodycon dress, we all get the dreaded panty line and lumps and bumps, but with this underwear you get an effortless silky shape that will have you looking like Bettie Page in seconds, plus it may get you a few free drinks as well.

So you want to re-create the 1950's/ early 1960's look? Well ladies listen up and read on. There are two main types of silhouettes. There is the oh so tiny wasp waist with a full skirt and the slim fitting pencil skirt style. Don't think you have the curves to recreate this era? Well you couldn't be further from the truth! This era is great due, to the fact that whatever body shape you are you can look like a bombshell within seconds. The secret? Belts, netting, padding, shapewear and of course, heels.
In the 1950's/60's not wearing 'foundation garments' as they called them then, would be like not going out with your mobile and a Cadbury's Chocolate bar, they were essential. The knickers were high waisted and finished at the waist, so they didn't show any lines within the dress.

Women any age wore foundation garments and cone bras, which were used to push the breasts into a conical pointy shape, no self respecting women was seen without her girdle on! The thought that it is only women who have had nine children with sagging boobs and flabby legs wear them, was not true then. Look at any 1950's film star, Elizabeth Taylor, Doris Day, Rita Hayworth and Marilyn, who actually caused a controversy in the film 'Niagera' in 1953 by not wearing a girdle. So I'm asking all you gorgeous women out there to embrace your curves and be kind to your body. Stop asking your man if you have a big bum in your jeans. So what if your bum is a little more rounded then you want it to be? You don't want a panckae for a bum, do you?

Remember no one has a perfect body, no matter how hard they work in the gym or how much cake they avoid, we all have little imperfections. Put on a killer outfit that you feel a million dollars in, some killer heels and go out with your head held high with those gorgeous curves in tow, you never know you may get a few winks and an extra dollop of ice cream out of it.

Ideas on how to turn you into a 1950's/ early 60's siren:
1. The Pencil Skirt Dress Look

50's Style Pencil Dress Look

ASOS bateau neck dress
$43 - asos.com

ASOS polka dot heels
$50 - asos.com

ASOS zip bag
$64 - asos.com

Kenneth Jay Lane zebra print jewelry
€27 - pret-a-beaute.com

Van Peterson 925 carved jewelry
£16 - debenhams.com

Dorothy Perkins cream jewelry
$14 - dorothyperkins.com

Zara polka dot scarve
$30 - zara.com

ASOS metallic belt
$14 - asos.com

Yves Saint Laurent lip makeup
$32 - yslbeautyus.com

2. The Tea Dress Look:

50's Tea Dress Style

Dorothy Perkins ruffle dress
$49 - dorothyperkins.com

Forever 21 metallic heels
$30 - forever21.com

Debut silver clutch
£16 - debenhams.com

Jeffrey Campbell plastic earrings
$9.99 - modcloth.com

Long glove
$21 - amazon.com

Dorothy Perkins silver belt
$15 - dorothyperkins.com

Yves saint laurent lipstick
$32 - yslbeautyus.com

Gloves, stud earrings and gorgeous bags were a wardrobe staple. Cherry red lips were the look to be seen with, plus some seriously yummy heels.
So ladies the next time you feel like you can't wear your bodycon dress due to having too many chocolate biscuits, think again. With the help of this shapewear you can push it up, squeeze it all in and give Kelly Brook a run for her money.

Don't put yourself through boring diets and endless tiring gym workouts, just to get rid of that little squashy bit you don't like on your thigh. You're a gorgeous woman and don't feel bad or ashamed if you need a little help with shapewear, women have been doing it for years, even the likes of Angelina Jolie, have confessed to a little help in the shape wear department. So next time you go out show of those wonderful curves and shake that booty of yours, next thing you know you maybe winning rear of the year. Beat that JLo.

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  1. This has made me want new underwear so bad! xo

  2. I am loving the different outfit creations, they work so well. Definitely going to have to look into those further. . .
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  3. I'll be honest... I never have understood the triangle boob look, ha ha! But I am LOVING all the vintage looks! You put together some darling outfits :)

  4. Love the outfits you've made -especially the tea dress one :)

    I have to admit, I can imagine they're pretty handy when it comes to bodycon dresses! It's a shame they're so pricey though!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


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  6. Ohmg this post is so awesome, this is why i love your blog. The pencil-skirt dress look you made is so beautiful. Seeing all these gorgeous 'foundation garments' kinda makes want a fuller figure and then the shapewear of course.


  7. Amazing shapewear and looks!
    Love this post!


  8. National Cleavage Day means nothing to me. I have no boobs. Ha!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. what an interesting post! I learn something new everyday. thanks!
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  10. I absolutely adore the outfits you created for 50s early 60s. So gorgeous and definitely wearable today. Well done, you are one talented girl :)

  11. hey! I really love the way in which you have composed this blog post! very inspiring for all us real fashionista's out there. There are stunning ranges of lingerie out there that will make us feel amazing... inspiring!


  12. LOVING that Dorthy Perkins DRESS! I need to get me some awesome shape underwear like that!

  13. I just found your blog and I have to say, I love it! You're witty and have great fashion sense and I dig the vintage vibe. Definitely following now :)

  14. I love this post, soo true, and the collection is actually really nice! I love the looks you put together, the bag and polka dot heels in the first look are so cute! Thanks for the lovely comment on my last post :D xxx

  15. what a beautiful post! i really love how empowering this is! i try to exercise more than i usually do, but i've given up on all the diets i've tried because i've realized that it's not about being skinny, it's really more about being healthy. so it's okay to have flabby bits here and there, that's what shapewear is for, right? ;)

    p.s. i would love to wear both ensembles, they're beautiful!

    <3, Mimi


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