06 April 2012

Buddy Holly: A Legend Reborn- Full of geeky glasses, cool guitars and boiled sweets

Buddy Holly - A Legend RebornLast Saturday I dragged Mr.Boyfriend out. No we didn't go clubbing or go down to the pub, we went to a concert. And no not a gig as in a crowd surfing type of gig, I'm talking a concert as in the type that your grandparents used to go and sway along to. Yes ladies and gentleman we are officially an old married couple.

We went to a Buddy Holly: A Legend Reborn concert. We both love old music from the 50s'/60's, although he is more of a Rolling Stones and The Beatles type of boy and I am a more of a Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran kinda girl. However, I knew he would still enjoy it and not put me dragging him along to these things as a massive con against my name, well I hope not anyway.
So once again we went along, me in a carefully planned outift (ie. a 2 hour rummage around my room) and some in his own words 'stupidly high heels' on, with him decked out in his waistcoat that I made him for his birthday, which you can see here. By the way I am still telling him how oh so lucky he is to have an amazing girlfriend, who is so handy with a ball of wool and some needles.

Well let's just say we brought the age range down just a teensy weensy bit. When we walked in we were certainly stared at, I didn't know whether that was because we were probably the only people there that were born after the war, or because I had one hell of a groovy colour co-ordination outfit going on, I like to think the latter.

After politely declining a programme for £7, (seriously who pays that for 10 pieces of glossy paper?) we took to our seats. The show started with a peformance from 'The Big Bopper', done by the fabulous John-Simon Rawlings. The Big Bopper was an American DJ, singer and songwriter in the late 50's. He was best known for classic hits such as 'Chantilly Lace' and 'White Lightning'. He came on stage and in Big Bopper style joked and interacted with the crowd, which all the 80 year old ladies at the front thoroughly enjoyed. Both Mr.Boyfriend and I did agree that he resembled Del Boy, wearing a long Leopard print jacket. He did have some bright red brothel creepers on that were pretty nifty too.

The first half featured songs from Connie Francis and The Everly Brothers, who had everyone boogying in their seats along to hits such as 'Bye Bye Love' and one of my favourites, 'Wake Up Little Susie'. There was then an interval, which is when everyone apart from me and my man seemed to rush to the loos, so Mr.Boyfriend was very happy when he was first in the queue for the ice cream lady buying me a tub of ice cream, what can I say ladies he is a true gentleman. He subtly hinted that he wished he got my flavour, so we went halves and halves, we are all about compromises. Although he did have a pretty yummy flavour too.

After the interval we were all treated to some great hits from a very convincing Buddy Holly. Buddy was played by Marc Robinson, who is recognised as the UK's No.1 Buddy Holly act. Buddy is Marc's idol, which can easily be seen with his tremendous accent, thick rimmed glasses and seriously cool Fender Stratocaster guitar.

Marc has been in lots of theatre shows, appeared at Glastonbury as Buddy and has even performed for Sir Paul McCartney, so we felt privileged that we've seen him. He was great performing hits such as 'Peggy Sue' and 'That'll Be The Day. With the band he also performed some famous songs by Elvis and some by The Rolling Stones, which Mr.Boyfriend was very pleased about. The backing band which brilliantly mirrored Buddy's band The Cricketers were great and helped make the show what it was. Mr. Boyfriend and I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed all the songs, watching all the old dears cheering, whooping and wolf whistling was pretty entertaining too.

This stage show was a real tribute to those legends. Sadly The Big Bopper aged 28 and Buddy Holly aged 22 died in a plane crash on the 3rd February 1959 know as 'The Day The Music Died', along with  Ritchie Valens a singer and songwriter aged just 17. When I found this out, I was pretty shocked at how young these three legends were and how many hearts they captured in their small time on this earth. I'm sure all three of them are up there with their guitars having a jam as we speak.

The night was very enjoyable, full of laughs and the smell of Yardley. Afterwards Mr.Boyfriend and I fancied some chips, so he offered to take me to Maccy D's, what with the ice cream earlier in the evening, you can tell I am one thoroughly spoilt lady. Next on the list is a Glenn Miller tribute orchestra, it's safe to say that we are getting more old fashioned by the minute.

My Outfit:

Green Lace Dress: New Look
Metallic Shell Top: Asos: £14 which you can find here
Patterned Diamond Tights
Bow Ring
Black Jewel Ring
Black Lace Gloves: eBay: £2.99 which you can find here
Asos Tribal Wedges
Authentic 1940's handbag a.k.a my Margaret Thatcher bag!
Authentic Army Jacket: £20 bought from The Haslemere Wardrobe
                                      They have a great eBay shop here

Second Hand Rose


  1. Amazing outfit! Particularly those shoes x

  2. Love your outfit!! Sounds like a great concert, would love to attend something like that. I am a big fan of those sounds too but my husband is not so I might have a whole lot of convincing to do if the opportunity arose!!
    Hope you have a super weekend!

  3. You look so cute in that outfit and those heels are amazing! Sounds like that was a great concert!! I was a Beatles addict too,when I was growing up.

  4. Love your outift, those heels are so fabulous!

    I'm glad you had such a good time, I can't say I know much about that era, but it's great to learn about it through your blog :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  5. You look lovely! Glad to hear you had such a good time, sounds great! xo

  6. so original and trendY like your individual and unique statement!

    kisses, have a nice weekend and a sweet Easter


  7. Love your outfit! I went to see the Buddy Holly show with my best friend years ago because she's actually a big fan! x

  8. You look amazing!! Love the outfit xxxx

  9. Hello Rose!

    I have awarded you the Sunshine Award.

    Details on my blog: http://www.sewmelove.com/2012/04/my-sunshine-award.html


  10. Hello there, i'm you 103! Btw, your shoes pattern like Indonesian, called BATIK. Love that! :*


  11. You look so CUTE! Your shoes are seriously AWESOME.

  12. Aw this sounds so awesome! You and Mr Boyfriend are the cutest couple I've never met! I can't tell you how much I LOVE your outfit too. Check you out, you quirky piece of babe! You're a beautiful lady, and I got so excited over your shoes that I almost urinated!

    Hope you're doing okay lovely! Xx

  13. Hi love,

    thank you so much for your lovely comment!

    Want to follow each other?!

    Kisses Julia

    http://www.geeksndfashion.com/ http://www.geeksndfashion.com/

  14. i like your outfit, i especially love your skirt! and your shoes are sooooo interesting! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  15. I love buddy holly! I loooove your outfit too! :D

  16. Aaahhh Buddy Holly and his famous glasses! Sad he passed away so early...


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