09 September 2011

Galliano Gaffe

John Galliano a.k.a one of my eternal fashion crushes was convicted by a French court yesterday.He was found guilty for hurling racial abuse in a Paris bar on the 24th of February this year and for another incident last October. John told the court he had been drinking champagne and taking a lot of valium pills 'like they were candy' on the day he had a 45 minute rant at the museum creator Geraldine Bloch and another women Fatiha Oumeddour. A video that was played in court also appeared of John telling two italian women that their ancestors should have been gassed and said 'I love Hitler'. Afterwards John said 'They're not views I hold or believe in. In the video I see someone who needs help.' Wow John you definitely need putting on the naughty step. Someone should call Supernanny. John has been told to pay a measly £2.60 in compensation to his victims and instead of a six months prison sentence ( I can't really see him in prison overalls can you?) he has to pay a fine of 6,000 euros (£5,219) and the legal fees of the anti-racism groups who took him to court. The judge said he had a low fine due to no pervious convictions and the attempts he has made to overcome his drug and alcohol addiction. John says he is 'now glad this is all behind him and he hopes to face the future with happiness and forgiveness.' John blamed his naughty behaviour on overwork, the pressures of the fashion industry, and a triple addiction to Valium and sleeping pills and his remarks were completely out of character. I would like to apologise for all the upset this business has caused.' John sadly lost his father in 2005 and a very dear friend in 2007. So John a very big hug is going out to you,plus a slap on the wrist but mainly a big hug. If any of you are reading this and have no idea who he is and think this blog has turned into a law blog (seriously can you think of anything more boring?) I will tell you.

John Galliano is the original Jack Sparrow, except he makes clothes and he doesn't spend his time searching for Davy Jones' Locker. He is well known for his flamboyant costumes that he wears to take his catwalk bows. From a Matador, a Spaceman to the Artful Dodger, Frank Sinatra and my favourite Napoleon. John has certainly worn some pretty amazing outfits. I could do a whole blog about them. He once dressed up as the pearly king and nearly looked as cool as this guy.>

John was born in Gibraltar and grew up in London. He went to Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and graduated in 1985. His first collection,inspired by the French Revolution called Les Incroyables, received positive reviews and was sold in London fashion boutique Browns. He set up his own design label but sadly he became bankrupt in 1990 and moved to Paris. In July 1995 he was appointed as the designer of Givenchy becoming the first british designer to be appointed by a French label. On 21st January 1996 he presented his first couture show and received high praise. Under the high influence of Anna Wintour (yes the one with the scary bob) he was appointed head designer replacing Gianfranco Ferré-bet he had a hard time spelling his name at school. His first Couture show for Dior coincided with the label's 50th anniversary on the 20th January 1997. John stayed at Dior until he was dismissed following the arrest and allegations about him making racist comments. 

While at Dior,John created some beautiful and unforgettable designs. Season after season he was providing us with gasp worthy works of art.They are truly stunning. One of my favourite collections of his was the Autum/Winter 2010-2011 Couture collection. The main inspiration was flowers which are a love of mine. I think that comes from all the times I have been sitting at home on a friday night watching Gardeners World with my parents and cat. Yes its all mayhem and fun in my life. Headgear was created to look like florist's plastic wrap. Apparently as part of his research John spent an hour watching the light change on a parrot tulip,now that's dedication! The collection contains wonderful colours crossing the whole spectrum and especially focused on the tulip shape. John used a variety of delicate techniques including feathering and ruching to imitate the flowers. The black taffeta dress was hand painted with pansies. This collection is outstanding and rocked Paris fashion week.

I could gush on about John Galliano and his amazing designs forever and how I'd love him to design my wedding dress. Not that I'm thinking of getting married anytime soon. Its all right Mr.Boyfriend you don't need to get your running shoes out just yet. Below are a few of the amazing dresses made by him and I really recommend that you look at his designs. Style.com-John Galliano Gallery Here is the link to a good website that has all the pictures of his designs on and some of those fancy fashion reviews that make you feel like you don't know anything about fashion. I mean,have you ever heard of fronding?

So we are all waiting with bated breath for the return of John Galliano. Well I am anyway. John if you are reading this,not that you would, I hope you are back designing again but if you don't fancy going back to high fashion, you can always come and design me a wardrobe and teach me everything you know. I'll pay you in cake.
Here are some pictures from some of his collections. It has taken me about 40 minutes to decide which photos to put in because there are so many that you need to see!
These two dresses are from the 2009 Couture collections. The left one A/W has the wearing lingerie as clothing concept. Lets just hope some women don't take this too far and start wearing only thongs out. Not a good look but I'm sure men would love it. I just hope men don't start trying this trend either. Right: S/S A gorgeous summer style dress. But I don't think you would be able to wear this in the park with a Mr Whippy.

Right: Another dress from the A/W 2009 Couture collection. It really reminds me of Greece and Greek dancing. Not easy to smash plates in though.
Left: Some of the gorgeous outfits from 2010 Spring Collection. I'm in love with the first equestrian style outfit. I don't think I will wear it next time I go horse riding though. I doubt the whiff of manure will add to its aesthetic qualities. The second one just makes me want to burst into singing a song from My Fair Lady. I love the two colours on the third dress. It looks like the girl has boneless legs but actually the bottom is a skirt with a separate piece of material on the right. I think. If I'm wrong I suggest the girl considers a career in the circus. The final one is my dream wedding dress, its absolutely stunning. I need it! Although because of the vast amount of money I would have to fork out to pay for it, I think I would have to end up wearing it to the supermarket and everywhere else for the rest of my life to make it worthwhile. You can't get that for £50 in Debenhams. Yes I know these dresses aren't exactly wearable and you couldn't really wear them to do the cleaning or the weekly shopping but they are magical and show John Galliano at his very best. So don't worry John, I'm still waving the flag for you.
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