10 September 2011

What I Would Like this week

I was going to call this blog 'What I want this week' but my Grandma always told me to say 'I would like' not 'I want' so that's for you Grandma. Your politeness preaching for the last eighteen years has paid off. This week I have tried very very hard to stay away from my any shopping site,except eBay. That's just not possible. But I am glad (well not really) to tell you that I have not given in to the shopping divinity and I haven't bought anything! Yes ladies and gentleman, nothing! No clothes, no shoes, no make-up, no jewellery,no scarves,no wool, no material, not even some crazy fur fabric that I have seen and just have to have. Nothing. The shopping bag is bare. It has been incredibly hard. I have had so many emails this week from Boohoo, Asos, Dotty Ps, Prodigy Red, New Look who I must say have some gorgeous blouses in,trying to lure me in but as Margaret Thatcher said, the lady is not for turning. I am not going to buy anything. 
Since struggling to pay an overdraft on my account of a measly £5 and getting a slightly horrific bank statement I am going on a shopping detox. I will look but I can't buy. Yes I nearly slipped up, I spent two hours putting all the things that I wanted to buy on Boohoo in the shopping bag. I know, I live a very dull life. So I can't let all you lovelies know what I have bought this week, I just have to let you take a peek into my shopping daydreams.

Photo 1 of Teal superskinny jeans
My first item are these Teal Superskinny Jeans from Dorothy Perkins price £30. Firstly, I'm in love with the colour. I'm obsessed with teal and turquoise at the moment. I know what you are thinking, OMG Scene. Well no these aren't the bright coloured jeans you wear with converses and neon rubber bracelets. These are beautifully coloured jeans you wear with a nice pair of heels,preferably purple, a white chiffon top with small black polka dots on and a nice black cotton shoulder padded jacket.I'm tempting myself now! So yes I would love these jeans even though they are superskinny. What are superskinny jeans? Are they literally glued on to your leg or what? Can you move in them? So they may not exactly suit us women with ample proportions in the derriere department, but I think my love affair with the colour will help the 'does my bum look big in these' qualms.

Due to literally issuing myself a restraining order to all clothes websites I have been immersing myself in my other obsession. Vintage cars. They are my eternal infatuation and I am determined to own many in my life. I stalk VW Beetles,Nissan Figaro's and Classic Chevrolet's on eBay. If they were human they would have taken a 100 yards restraining order out on me by now. I have always loved vintage cars and I'm always on the look out for them. Any chance I get to worship them I do. Some people worship a God, I worship the deity that is the classic car. I have been to many vintage car shows with my Dad who also loves them. My sister and Mum are into sports cars and are all about the speed. My Dad and I are more old school.My brother just likes anything he can get to the pub in. The difference between my dad and I is that I don't particularly care if it breaks down on the dual carriageway in 2ft of snow and I have to wait 3 hours for a tow truck, its an amazing looking car, its a nugget of history.Quite honestly I'd rather push a chevy then drive a ford. As you can tell I'm not very practical, you can tell that by the height of my heels. So yeah, I won't bore you anymore with my bordering on unhealthy obsession, but I simply HAVE to show you this car that I have found on one of my 5 hour searches for a VW Beetle that I can afford and that won't break down when I try and go into fourth gear. 
This is the most amazing car I have ever seen, I need this car! Ever since I found the picture I've been dreaming about owning it. This is a Gold Leaf- Special Edition of the Volkswagen. I can't find much information on it but I think it has been covered in pearls and something that's silver and white paint. This cars has caused a lot of dispute between me and Mr.Boyfriend. He insists because it says Gold Leaf it is covered in Gold Leaf and the car is in fact gold and I need new glasses. But I am adamant that the car is white and silver. So I'm opening up this dispute to the blogging community. What does everyone think? One day I am determined to own one of these cars but sadly now I will just have to put up with a plastic toy car, a few silver (yes or gold Mr.Boyfriend) beads and some PVA.

So there are my two wants, sorry Grandma things I would like this week. Check in next week to see if I have succumbed to the shopping divinity and fallen off the buying wagon. I'm not promising anything,I'm not very good at detoxes. I think I need another biscuit....


  1. I love this blog! Some great inspiration about how to wear clothes and what to accessorise them with. So funny too- something we can all relate too! Good luck with this blog- hope you get loads more followers. H x x x x

  2. great pics! Nice blog! :)

    please visit my blog too! :) I hope you will like and follow me! :*


  3. Omg, that is the best cutest car ever! Thankyou soo much for the lovely comment left on my blog <3

    I'd say just be yourself when you write and I like breaking it up with photos :) Lovely blog. I'll be following yours too.


  4. I was eyeing off a pair of jeans similar to this only yesterday but my friend convinced me not to buy them... I think you may have changed my mind again! :)

  5. Haha thats so funny Annie,well remember every purchase can be justified!
    Have fun! XxxX


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