16 September 2011

New York Fashion Week:Day 4

So day four of fashion week was on a sunday, so you think they would all have lie in,a nice rest,a full english and watch the Eastenders omnibus cuddled up under the duvet right? Wrong! The fashion world doesn't stop just because its a sunday. Oh no, sunday went on with twenty shows going on. I think I'd rather sit at home in my pyjamas all day snuggled under a duvet with the cat,but each to their own.

Day 4 kicked off with a collection by Victoria Beckham. Normally a 'celeb' turning into a designer makes me go into a two hour rant about why do they deserve their own fashion range,what do they know and they have probably done sod all of the work anyway. Poor Mr.Boyfriend. But I actually think Mrs Beckham is different to all those try hard designer wannabes,seriously don't get me started on the subject. Going by her last collections she does actually seem to know what she is talking about. I've read that she gets her £1000 manicured fingers dirty and designs the garments and is involved completely in the the whole process. But,I don't see her sitting doing slip stitch by hand on a load of hems,do you? So now Mrs Becks has started to carve her self a name out in fashion and got some respect from me which is obviously very important, so I thought I might as well take a look at her latest collection.

Well what can I say,if anyone has read one of the zillion articles about VB out there,they will know that she is all about the bag. Models walked with her bags which they had to carry in their hands due to them being so big. The catwalk rules were turned upside down and the clothes contemplated the bag not the other way around. Here's betting she designs an oversized bag to carry little Harper around in. She obviously took inspiration from when she had her little bun in her oven, because some of her designs have a more relaxed you don't have to breathe in all night kinda feel all to them. Some of the collection consisted of razor-sharp dresses with a lot of emphasis on the body,cleverly done through the use of corsets,decorative seaming and colour-blocking. Her pieces do have an air of sophistication about them and are more versatile then usual. Flowing jackets were present with her iconic zip detailing and some were given a sportswear theme with drawstrings and hoods. Floor-length pleated skirts also had a relaxed feel to them and they flowed casually down from the waist. To liven the collection up a bit VB added some glossy baseball caps which made me start singing 'Yellow submarine' by The Beatles and it was incorporated into a lot of the looks. There were no trousers in this collection and there was a real feminine simplicity but professional feel to it. It is said that she has been influenced by her oh so gorgeous hubby, which explains the baseball-style caps,racer necklines and drop-waist dresses that just make you think of Wimbledon. The colour palette consisted of navy,black,tangerine and sand. Well I guess Victoria has now gone from a 'celeb designer' to an actual designer now. I still remember her for singing 'Wannabe' though.

Since Diane von Furstenberg is one of the queen's of fashion, I thought I should give her a quick mention. She is known for her flowing dresses and use of nature for inspiration. At the start of the collection you wouldn't know it was a DVF one with earthy colours and baggy structures. If you look closely though, hints of her come in with flower decoration and her famous wrap dress included. The collection then grew into her usual vibe with her gorgeous garden style patterns and pastel colours. The colour pallette was all over the place from dull earthy tones,to pastels,then brights, and then back to pastels. You can't fault the lady, she pulls out collection after collection that is full of success and admired by everyone. She's like the kid at school that used to get everything right and never did anything wrong. Ugh.

Zac Posen bought a touch of of elegance to fashion week, with his figure hugging glamourous gowns. The immaculate tailoring,stunning cuts and beautiful romantic floor skimming gowns gave the show a romantic graceful feel to it. Ladies if you are not for corsets and having to breathe in all night, then sadly Zac won't be able to help you out. Zac paired narrow long jackets with high armholes and tight pencil skirts. The collection also contained knee length party dresses. There were an array of colours in this collection,from the gorgeous lime fitted cocktail dress to the earth toned dresses and the colour of deep jewel, all cascading to the floor beautifully and with extreme detail. There is not one gown that I can say stole the show, there are about 20 gowns that stole the show with the gorgeous mermaid style frocks with either a wrap around style on the fabric or a lot of tulle decoration making it into a truly gorgeous gown. All the gowns were just perfection and just what I need for Christmas. So, Father Christmas if you're listening! You all need to check out his designs by clicking on the link above in his name. Do it now!

Custo Barcelona
The rest of the day was filled with gorgeous patterns,flowing dresses and some gorgeous ballgowns  at Lela Rose and funky prints from DKNY. A good use of colours were used at  Tracy Reese to create a cool,refreshing spring vibe. Some beautiful flowing patterns were created at Tribune Standard, while there were some great aztec patterns at Jen Kao, along with some fabulous headgear that needs to be checked out and also some seriously cool extravagant belts.Y-3 has a real grungy feel to it, whilst there were wide spectrum of prints and colours at Thakoon giving it a Japanese avant-garde feel to it. The models have hair slicked back and covered in pink highlights,blue or green and there is a cool use of stetsons in the collection. Custo Barcelona have a whole mixture of funky busy prints and a great use of sequins, a real range of patterns, lots of different cuts and even clothes for men! It's worth checking out!

That's another day of fashion week highlights condensed down,tomorrow there is Betsey Johnson, Jenny Packham who is a favourite of our future queen and Marc Jacobs. It should be a good day but you will just have to wait and see!! Or you can just check Vogue.
Remember you can view the videos of the shows at Youtube Fashion Week videos.

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