20 September 2011

Strepsils are the new Black

Sorry for the lack of posting the last few days. I have had an awful sore throat since last week and now it has really shown its presence, giving me the fashionable hamster look and a voice like Marge Simpson's. Very attractive. So I have spent my days lying in bed watching rubbishy TV and my favourite Murder She Wrote with my cat, trying to guess who the murderer is. My diet has consisted of porridge and ice cream with a few chewable things here and there and I have now got shares in Strepsils, Lemon squash and Honey. Mr.Boyfriend came over to keep me company, he was suffering from a sore throat too,which obviously is turning into man flu. We spent the time moaning about how awful we feel,comparing each others glands( I won by the way, mine were bigger) and watching the Rocky films. So basically the Second Hand Rose is a bit droopy at the moment and is in much need of some rejuvenation. Hmm, I think Asos is calling.
Anyway, so I thought I would show you the cake that I made for my fabulous Mum and Dad's 31st Wedding Anniversary. I know this hasn't got anything to do with fashion or anything vintage,but the colours are well co-ordinated and pastels are in this season, so I thought it qualified to have its 15 minutes of fame.Drum roll please.....

My lovely Mum and Dad

There are two heart cakes, one Coffee and Walnut and the other one a Victoria Sponge. The cakes are my parents favourites joined together, like their hearts joined together. Cute I know. I covered the cakes with fondant and then piped little beads with stiff icing around the colours. I added a pearl dust to them to make them shiny. I created flowers,hearts,stars and butterflies with white fondant icing and then brushed them with pearl dust so they were all glittery and shiny. I'm a bit like a magpie I know.
I will post more about the end of New York Fashion Week,London Fashion Week and another zillion things that I want to blog about, when I feel a little less bleugh. Right,I'm off to get a strepsil.....

P.S. Just so everyone knows my Dad is NOT a mafia boss,even though he does look like one with those glasses on and I'm sure some Hollywood producer will ask him to be in a Godfather Part 4 film any day now.

Second Hand Rose


  1. Hiya! Lovely post :) that cake looks gorgeous! THank you so much for the comments, i added the follow link like you said :) i think i've done it right but im not sure... haha
    anyway thanks so much, means alot!
    Lily xoxo

  2. Thank you honey! Awesome, I am now following! I can't wait to read more of your loveliness! Please follow me too! XxxX

  3. that cake is amazing! ur very talented! im definitely enjoying reading ur blog.


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