03 September 2011

My big hello to the world

Hey everyone,
I am officially saying hello to you all. *waves* I was meant to start this blog as a new years resolution for 2010. Oh and 2011. Then it was in every month that followed and now its September! As you can see I'm not very hot on the whole resolution side of things. I also vowed to stop eating chocolate cake and yeah that hasn't really worked out either. So I have officially decided to metaphorically give myself a kick up the arse and properly start my hopefully new addiction that is my blog. I hope to write about the latest news in fashion, the best deals I've found and what I'd buy if I could,fashion history, interesting info about designers,sewing tutorials, what I've made/ tried out, make up and hair try outs/disasters and I will do a LOT of reminiscing about the golden years, that I sadly was not even thought about when they happened. I will try not to harp on about the amazing Kinks too much or the gorgeous Rock Hudson and what I would do to have my own VW Beetle or Nissan Figaro.

Sadly I have nothing to blog about what I have bought this week because I have no money to buy any new clothes. I know people say that but I literally do mean it. I have savings of course but if I spent that all on clothes and shoes like I'm sure I will eventually do, I don't think my parents or my bank would be too pleased. On the other hand Asos would be and I would advise anyone to buy shares in Asos when I eventually do succumb to my shopping needs because believe me their share prices will rocket!
I am sure one day that I will eventually become a lady who lives in her shoes. I will have lovely clothes and gorgeous shoes but probably nowhere to live.Oh well, at least I will be a fashionable homeless person!I have a serious addiction to shoes. I do sometimes wonder if I am actually adopted and in fact am a secret lovechild of Imelda Marcos. But sadly, inheriting my Dad's wonky ears has proved otherwise. 

So for a while I will be blogging about lovely clothes that I want but am not buying, well at least until I can afford something that isn't resembling a £1 Asda drastically thin you can see people's boobs top. Dear old Hotmail is not helping me in my quest to not spend any of my savings. Every day it sends me lovely emails from Boohoo, Asos and many many others telling me all about there fabulous deals and how amazing I could look in a a some leopard and zebra print polazzo trousers that clearly I would not look like Kat Slater but with chilly legs in. Vivienne Westwood, Kurt Geiger and Net a Porter are the worst and the most tempting. If only I could afford something from Net a Porter,but I live in hope. I try not to buy too many clothes but somehow I end up clicking the confirm order button and then remember that I probably actually don’t need another block colour dress. 
I find waiting for it can also be the fun bit. Except when you have been waiting for it for 10 days, even though you got a lovely email from them telling you it will be with you in less than three. I love getting the knock at the door, its like having Christmas every week. Sadly sometimes it’s the nice double  glazing man being very concerned about our windows and safety, even though they are already double glazed. But when you open the door and see the delivery man standing there with a big box (they are always big when I buy. Hey if you are gonna do it, you should do it properly.) and you jump up and down, well I do anyway, like a kid in a couture candy store while the delivery guy is looking at you just a little strangely. As soon as he is gone you try to tear open the box, hell you use your teeth if you have to and there enclosed are your clothes. Not anyone else’s. Yours. So you try them on. Sadly sometimes they can be a total disaster either making you look like you are wearing something resembling your Grandma’s carpet or you could be mistaken for a whale, which is definitely not a good look. But when they look good, its like being in heaven for 5 minutes. You get that little excitement inside as you look in the mirror trying to see how your bum looks in it and doing the usual catwalk model poses that you were born to do in THAT dress.

See, every piece of clothing can be justified, somehow. Winter is approaching which is an ideal time for us clothesaholics to convince people that infact we do need those two rails of clothes and more. Its cold so you need nice new jumpers and cardigans or a new woolen dress. You need either new leggings to wear with them and you can’t wear your usual tights with them, well not unless you want to get blue legs. Not a good look either. So you need thicker versions of the ones you already have and you definitely need those mosaic pattern £10 ones that you have been eyeing up since July. You need new skirts or trousers to go with your old or new jumpers. You need nice warm tops to wear under the jumpers. You don’t want the tops to be too warm though, because after you have put on the jumper,a long sleeve top and that thermal vest that your mum insists you wear, a scarf and a hat you tend to get a bit red in the face. You need nice tops underneath so if it does get warmer you can take the jumper off and still have a good outfit on. You need a new coat. Everyone needs a coat don’t they,it’s a necessity. So you need new scarves to go with that new coat. I’m afraid that bobbly one your Grandma gave you six Christmas’s ago just won’t do. So that means you need new gloves to go with the scarf and coat and if you are one of those people who can pull off a hat in winter without looking like you should belong in the Alps, you need a new hat. Now shoes, everyone needs them. And you cant really wear pencil thin heels in 4inches of snow, even though I’m sure Victoria Beckham somehow manages to. Everything can be justified.

So as of late I have been online window shopping. Its when you go through the whole website and put in your bag everything you want. When you see the hefty price that gets calculated, it doesn’t matter because it is only in your virtual basket. You can smugly think about all that money that you are saving but it can be hard not to resist the ‘continue to checkout’ button. I have spent many hours just hovering over that button. What I have also been doing once I’ve seen the sum of the items, is go through it again and take off anything that I don’t think I really really need.This usually ends up totaling one item though. What is also great is taking off the most expensive things and seeing the money go down. I have no idea why this feels good when its only online but it has provided me with hours of entertainment and self praise that I have actually resisted those £20 leggings. Well for now anyway.

Second Hand Rose


  1. Hello! I fully know what you mean about asos emailing you about their deals, so tempting! I justify my purchases as well, mainly all the accessories and shoes I need to go with my new outfit! I look forward for you posting about your purchases! :) xxx

  2. Hey Becca :-)
    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog and becoming my first follower! You sound like my type of girl! I am constantly doing that! Sadly due to no money I will probably have to right about what I'd like to buy instead of what I have but we can all dream! I am trying so hard to restrain myself from Asos, its so so hard and Look magazine is making it 10 times harder! Boohoo have got some lovely stuff in this season and are a bit cheaper so hopefully I may be able to afford something of there! Thanks so much for taking an interest in my blog! Take care XxxX

  3. Ah I love this! Your first post is so well written, and very funny! I can't wait to see more from you, and find out what you want to be wearing this season!

    And you're right. Every buy can be justified. Apart from if it's a pair of crocs...


  4. Hey Kath,
    Sorry I've taken FOREVER to reply to your post,very rude of me! Aww thankyou that's so nice to hear people actually find me rambling on about nothing funny and remotely well written! I will probably end up only wearing a bin bag due to having no money but I am selling lots on eBay (ie everything I own except my clothes and shoes-I'd never get rid of them!) so hopefully that will change! Haha that's true! Crocs can never be justified! They look horrible on everyone including children and babies who make everything look cute. Thanks for reading my posts and becoming a follower! Take care XxxX


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