24 September 2011

A nosey into the life of the Second Hand Rose

On wednesday I learnt that I was given an award for my blog!! The 'Your Blog is Great! Tell Me About Yourself Award' by the lovely Kathy over at Geek marries Chic!! Thank you so much sweetheart! As soon as I found out I squealed with delight well attempted too but due to the fact that I now have tonsillitis it was more of croak. I know its not an Oscar, although my mum was acting like it was and poked and prodded my dad to tell him,even though it was ten thirty at night. Sorry Dad. So the rules are:
Thank and link back to the person who awarded you.
Write 7 random things about yourself
Spread the love to 15 other bloggers (or to as many as you want/read)

So here are my seven random things,(I just hope I don't lose any followers after this!):

1. I have a birthmark on the bottom of my back on the left hand side. But it's not just any old birth mark,it is exactly and I mean exactly just like the map of Cyprus. This also turns out to be one of my favourite places and my birth mark has been part of the decision making on whether to go again, plus the hotel we go to has the most amazing cake EVER.I'm starting to think the my birthmark is a bit of a clair voyant and I'm waiting for it to turn into the map of another country. Hopefully somewhere nice and hot.

2. I am extremely flexible. I don't just mean I can touch the floor with my hands,no I can do the splits,put my legs over the top of my head and I have never lost a game of twister. People have tried to beat me but I am unbeatable. I have been given many nicknames over the years, Twizzle the 1957-1959 cartoon and Mrs Incredible from The Incredibles by many of the children that I babysit.I am thinking of entering the Twister Olympics if they ever decide to have one. Maybe I should contact Boris Johnson and see if he will kindly include it in the Olympics for me next year. Well at least I know that if writing doesn't work out for me I can always run away with the circus and become a contortionist. I quite
                                                                                         like those spangly outfits.

3. Along with my flexibility I have another special talent. I am able to burp on cue. My forté is burping the alphabet. I have spent many hours burping the A-Z along with other words and annoying my mum at dinner time when she asks us to have some decorum. For some reason she doesn't find me doing a huge burp that funny,everyone else does though.

4. I have a serious obsession with shoes. That is actually an understatement and I'm sure if I looked into my family history, I will find out that I am related to Imelda Marcos. I have shoes everywhere around my room,on the windowsill,squeezing out of my wardrobe,two draws full and all over the floor. The draw under my bed that I tell everyone is full of old school books is in fact full of shoes. Mr. Boyfriend has told me that I have far too many shoes, but he is yet to have met the ones in my wardrobe and under my bed. I think I am going to have to introduce him slowly to them, so he doesn't ring up the Priory or find me a Shoeaholics Anonymous meeting to go to. I have so many shoes that I didn't realise my Dad had put some of them up in my Grandma's loft for three months. My poor babies. They are not all heels but the majority of them are.I think I have been wearing them since I was in the womb and when I came out I'm sure I had some gorgeous pink peep toes on. I will officially be the old woman who lived in her shoes.
5. I adore old comedies and grew up watching in particular Dad's ArmyOnly Fools and Horses. Most girls first crush are some movie hunk with big pecks and rock hard abs,mine was Walker from Dad's Army.At the age of six I was taken in by his cockney charm and the sight of his gorgeous spats.I was sure that one day I would marry him. My Dad didn't have the heart to tell me that the actor who plays him, James Beck died in 1973. It was a dark day for me when I found out. I nearly turned into Miss Havisham from Great Expectations. Even now I still go weak at the knees at the sight of him. My favourite all time comedy though is Only Fools and Horses. I have watched every single episode at least twenty times and I can recite a whole episode,and tell you what episode and what series and what year Del Boy said to Boycie 'I didn't know you were at good at Maths either Boycie.' (It was A Losing Streak,Episode 3,Series 2 in 1982 incase anyone is interested.) I can tell you what episode a specific song was from and if I see it on TV I can tell you what episode it is straight away and what the next line is. I have actually thought about doing a degree in it, I'm sure I can find one somewhere. There is not a day that goes by when Only Fools and Horses is not quoted in my house. At a young age I also fell for Del Boy's charm,his awful French sayings may have not worked on the birds,but they did work on a seven year old me. My family make fun of me saying that I love spivs due to the fact that Walker and Del Boy are the biggest con artists out. I also love PorridgeOpen All Hours,Steptoe and Son and a lot more. There is nothing I like better then cuddling up under the duvet with a hot chocolate,watching some old comedy. As Del Boy says, its Lovely Jubbly.

6. I am convinced to this day that my Dad wanted another son. At the age of four I was a wicket keeper and a goalie for my brother and my dad. I even had my own Chelsea kit complete with socks,hair scrunchies and a pair of black look alike football boots. My Dad taught me how to change a tyre also when I was four and all the the things that I needed to know about a car. He taught me how to do tiling and how to saw wood when I was six and I was and still am always his assistant when something goes wrong with the plumbing etc or when something has to be put together. The final thing that convinces me is that when I was five, I used to get up every morning at six o'clock and shave with my dad. He gave me my own razor to use and showed me how to apply shaving foam on your face and shave it. Not that I had a beard at five. I have many happy memories of spending time with my dad doing things and being taught 'manly' things and yes I do still know how to change a tyre and how to do tiling. I just hope I don't break a nail.

Me playing Crazy Golf at age 6
7. I have a passion for Crazy Golf. It is A-mazing! I have been playing it from a really young age,when we used to go on holiday to Cornwall,the golf club was taller then me. I am determined to go around the country (hopefully in an old vintage beetle car with a nice man that shares my passion) and play on every crazy golf course. That's my retirement sorted then.Sadly my parent's aren't keen on having a crazy golf course in the garden,my mum thinks it will clash with the hydrangeas. So as soon as I have my own house, I will have my very own crazy golf course,complete with a pink furry golf club. Every time I see a crazy golf course, I squeal with excitement and drag anyone who I'm with to come with me and play.There is in fact a Crazy Golf Championship for the other crazy golf lovers like me, which I could easily see myself wanting to do. That calls for a new outfit,but I'm not really that keen on the diamond jumpers and stripey trousers. Fitted dresses and 4inch heels all the way.

So there we are, seven random slightly odd things about me which confirms I am a bit of a geek. But a fashionable geek. Here are my 15 bloggers that I have passed the award on to. You may have received the award before but I wanted this to reflect the blogs that I myself am hooked to and I think should get some recognition.

-I am sending this award back to the lovely Kathy over at Geek marries Chic. Her blog is fabulous and I'm addicted. She is a great writer and covers a huge range of topics and her beautiful writing encouraged me to start writing again and begin this blog, so the award with a big thank you hug goes back to her.

-Beauty Bow-A lovely blog by the beautiful Bella featuring hair tutorials,her looks,makeup tips and reviews,how to do photo editing and much more.

-Dolly Daydream- The gorgeous Dolly over at Dolly Daydream with great makeup reviews,gorgeous photography and a peek into her fabulous wardrobe with lots of other lovely topics.

-Det Beauty- A new blog by the gorgeous Daniella with great product reviews and her fabulous take on the latest nail trends.

Fashion tea at 5- A great blog by the lovely Mary, an Italian living in Tuscany. With some great posts about high fashion and a sneak peak into Italian fashion.

-Hat Box Beauty- A great new blog full of enviable wish lists,great makeup reviews and fab outfit updates.

-Hayley P Makeup blog- A fab makeup blog by the blonde bombshell Hayley,featuring the best products of the week,reviews, great tutorials and much much more.

-Laura's Road To Recovery- A very touching and beautifully written blog about fifteen year old Laura's journey through beating Cancer-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

-Lucy Locket In Your Pocket- The lovely Lucy's blog featuring Style Guides,Wednesday Wants,Book reviews, Celeb wardrobes and a sneak peek into her life.

-Lucyy Writes- A fairly new but extremely popular blog written by the very sweet Lucy who is a great writer. Her blog features some really lovely clothes that she has bought for the week, great reviews and monthly fashion favourites.

-My Woes And Wardrobe- A very new blog but really well written by the lovely Annie,who like me would like nothing better then to be just like Carrie Bradshaw.

-Sophie Feels Better- An amazing blog written by Sophie Beresiner who is a Beauty Editor at Look magazine, about her recovery and journey through being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. A very touching and moving blog that is magnificently written with lots of humour and bits of fashion and makeup creeping in.

-What Mimi Writes- A great blog written by Mimi featuring great products,her fab opinion on celeb fashion, travel destinations,wish lists,food network fridays,wedding wednesdays and much much more.

So congratulations girlies and I look forward to reading your 7 Random Things about you. Thank you for reading mine and if anyone needs any tiling done,you know who to call ;-)

Second Hand Rose


  1. Aw bless you babe! Absolutely loved your random facts! That photo of you playing Twister is incredible woman! I wish my body worked like that! xXx

  2. Aw thankyou lovely! :D I really need to sort a page out o my blog to put my few awards on :) God I need to get more flexi again, I used to be so flexible, best get the twister out and practice ;) I shall be passing this on soon when I've got the time to post my 7 random things :D So many posts I need to do! :)

    Lucy x

  3. Hi lovely,
    thank you very much for the award!!
    You are so sweet.I'm very very glad:))
    Greetings from Milan

  4. Thank you so much! Your support and lovely comments have given me hope that starting a blog wasn't such a silly idea. I don't think my 7 facts will be as interesting as yours but I'll give it a go! So jealous of your shoe collection! Maybe you could post some pictures of some of your favourites? Thanks again lovely! :)


  5. I wish I was more flexible! It would be so legit to be able to just casually sit in the splits haha. Dad's Army is a brilliant show. Love your NYFW posts, I went there in February, even in the peak of winter everyone managed to look amazing :) x


  6. hi!!! thank you so much for the award and for the shoutout! i truly appreciate it. :)

    p.s. i have a looooot of shoes too! it's crazy! ;)

    <3, Mimi
    Stages of Beauty Giveaway :)

  7. Congratulations on your award I loved reading you 7 random things very funny :) Xx

  8. This was a wonderful idea... it lets readers get some insight on the writer. :)



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