15 September 2011

New York Fashion Week:Day 2

Day 2 of New York Fashion Week consisted of 22 shows. God, it makes me tired just thinking about it! Sadly, I do not have a year to tell you a lot about every single show. That's what Vogue Fashion Shows and Elle Catwalk is for. They have many minions running around going to each fashion show and writing about it, but sadly its only little old me writing this. Well, me and Google. So here are the highlights and my favourites of Day 2. Enjoy!

Peter Som RS12 0127Peter Som RS12 0473
Due to this being a fashion/everything vintage blog I have to mention Peter Som, regarded as one of New York's finest emerging designers kicked off Day 2. No pressure then. I am jumping around the room in joy that a designer has looked back and has incorporated the Mod look in the sixties into their designs. When designers incorporate the 60s look it is always the mini skirts and the short shift dresses. Correct me if I'm wrong but I haven't seen the Mod look incorparated into a women's fashion collection.  The mods of the early sixties took the suit to new levels of style. With tapered trousers,thin lapels and striped blazers.The number one accessory was a Lambretta.

Peter Som RS12 0021Peter cleverly used real photos of roses blown up for a pattern,he called this his "bicolour super-rose dress."The roses were mulitcoloured and very bright. A print of zebra heads also appeared as well as a twill style pattern.  The collection was full of bright colours except for a couple of khaki pieces, different to the monochrome and earthy colours of Day 1. Shoes made by Charlotte Olympia were chunky-heeled loafers that were aqua, fuschia and tangerine. These may sound weird colours for shoes but they went perfectly well with the outfits. The hair was a grunge meets sixties look with the models having a sweep of florescent pink through their hair,the makeup was natural.He had created some fabulously structured silhouettes with boxy knit t-shirts, shift dresses,gorgeously structured 60s style bikinis, Mod-style trousers, jackets and dresses. He also created a lovely cobalt feather dress with black appliques and a yellow shimmery feather skirt. Yay! One of my favourite things are feathers so extra points to him! Peter used leather for a gorgeous bright yellow panel dress and a deep pink trouser suit. However,this wasn't just any old leather,it was eel leather.Lovely.

Peter likes to bring a twist to things and joined jackets with 60s style printed bikinis and swimsuits with structured Mod style knit jackets.Towards the end of the collection there were some beautiful long gowns, there was a strapless fuchsia gown wrapped from the bust and a high slit. It was very simple but totally gorgeous.The collection was closed with a stunning maxi dress that had a mini-rose print in different shades of blue,it was finished off with a high slit and a pleated hem.  Peter Som's collection bought a breath of fresh air to fashion week as it was very different to the looks seen in Day 1 and it was lovely to see bright colours,fabulous prints and gorgeously tailored clothes all in one. Oh and the feathers! The man is a genius and has made me jump up and down and sing my heart out to 'Simply the Best' by Queen. Figuratively speaking of course,I won't subject you all to my cat schreeching singing.

Cynthia Rowley Spring 2012
Cynthia Rowley Spring 2012Another collection I wanted to mention was by Cynthia Rowley. The theme was glitz with a glittering golden set and a mirrored runway. The show started with gorgeous metallic printed dresses and separate jackets, trousers and flouncy skirts.A theme for a lot of the dresses and tops was a clinched in waist and full bottom or a full skirt. Paint splatters and haphazard brushstrokes decorated the fabric, along with psychdelic florals and baroque style patterns. Black leather lattice was used to clinch waists in and fabric was smothered by fabulous geometric designs. The shapes created were very feminine with swirly skirts that just make you want to do a twirl and some gorgeous shimmering formalwear. There were also patterned tight trousers to show off your pins in and some slouchy jumpers to make you feel fabulous, even on your off days. I love the shimmery effect to the material and the messy paint splatters,brushstrokes and geometric designs.

This is a fabulous collection by Cynthia and she is at the top of her game. I absolutely loved the closing dresses. They reminded me of Japanese style dresses,they both had a gorgeous mixed pattern on them. The pattern reminided me of putting lots of little bits of paints in water and seeing the swirls that they make. The first dress was a black satin shift dress which was gorgeous but the last dress got me counting my pennies hoping I could afford it. I doubt it will be sold for £4.57 though. It was a gorgeous ivory satin dress with a low v-neck long sleeved top. The dress was then clinched in with a matching belt and the skirt blossomed into a gorgeous full swirly skirt, that makes you want to put your party shoes on and dance to Dancing Queen. This is a beautiful collection and has got to be admired. I wonder how long it will take to see paint splattered and brushstroke tops in Primark for £2.50?

Day 2 was a great day and had a huge mix of designs and colours. You need to check out Suno for their gorgeous satin dresses,great patterns and cuts.Nicole Miller has some great patterns and colours,while Costello Tagliapietra has made some beautiful dresses with smudgy,painted florals. Mandy Coon has made a great use of satin and has done some beautiful designs with a deep blue and black, while Luca Luca designs spell out spring with gorgeous pastels and soft cuts.

Enjoy the highlights of Day 2 and remember you can watch videos of the catwalk at Youtube Fashion Week Videos.
Stay tuned for Day 3!
Second Hand Rose

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