09 October 2011

Anyone for a serial killers fingernail?

Last Thursday I posted about the end to my pretty short shopping detox in 'Whoopsy daisy!!' It was so short I'm surprised the hours went into three figures. I told you about my buys from Asos but what I didn't tell you about is my purchases from my total eternal love that is Ebay. I didn't want you to start calling the Priory on me. To me Ebay is the perfect man. It surprises you with lovely items,cheap purchases and it even gives you money to spend on shoes when you sell something. It doesn't wake up one morning and give you the 'Its not you its me' speech or send you a Dear John email,which is a plus.

Jesus Toast
I have been a fan of eBay for years,I first fell in love as an eleven year old girl using my mum's name and birth date to get myself an eBay account,sorry Mum. You can find anything on eBay and I mean anything from a serial killer's fingernails to a piece of toast with the face of Jesus on. I'm being totally serious here. People sell the rights to name their baby on eBay along with an imaginary friend. Other weird things sold include a guy selling his soul for 1 million dollars and another man tried to sell his liver for transplants for 5.7 million dollars. Was it made of gold or something? This makes me as a thirteen year old girl wanting to sell my sister on eBay sound sane. Some parents actually put their baby on eBay for a euro as a joke and the baby got taken away from them briefly. The funniest thing I have heard is that a bitter jilted wife got revenge on her husband by selling his mistresses over-sized knickers and a 'small-sized' condom wrapper that she found in their bed. I read a book about this guy who thought his girlfriend was cheating on him and sold all her shoes on eBay!! I would officially die if that happened, so if we break up or have a fight Mr.Boyfriend don't get any ideas!! The girl actually tracked down all the buyers and went all over the world to get all her shoes back. Sounds exactly like what I would do,no one is taking my pink platforms away from me thankyou very much.

eBay is not full of people selling things who need to be sectioned,you can find some real finds. eBay is also my first stop to see if I can find something cheaper,I am a bit of scrouge you see. I am regularly seen in shops using a barcode scanner on my phone and checking if I can find it cheaper before I buy it.
You find that you get quite a few companies selling on eBay and selling things a lot cheaper then in the shop. I was determind to have a pink television,much to my Dad's objections and I found a decent one on Argos. So I looked on eBay and Argos's eBay shop were selling the exact same television for £100 cheaper!! Ebay is great for buying fabric,I buy all my fabric,sewing materials,buttons,ribbons etc on there,my poor postman. You can find some gorgeous classic clothes and old sewing patterns on ther too. I got fifty old sewing patterns for £26 a while ago that I regularly jump up and down about. You can also get 6kg of Mini Eggs for £33!! Yes please Father Christmas!!

I love finding gems on eBay, I do spend an awful lot of time on there,I would say I am a complete eBay addict. My watch list is six pages long and consists of around eight categories. Yes I have put all the items that I am watching into seperate lists, I am a bit of a saddo I know. So last week I found some real jewels!! The lovely 'theflickmistress' was selling some lovely items that I just had to have. Since I was born I've been obsessed with fur. Not real fur the fake stuff,I just want to clarify that so I don't get some animal rights protestors chucking red paint at me. For three months I dragged my poor mother around every fabric shop we could find trying to get some pink leopard print fur. We eventually found it and I had a lovely pink leopard duvet cover much to my cat's delight, that even Del Boy would be proud of.

My dream car
So, in one of my many online window shopping sessions I was looking for a fur coat on Boohoo which have some really gorgeous ones. £80, £70, £90 kept flashing up at me and even I realised that I couldn't justify spending that much,ah not gonna happen. So what did I do,I went to my trusty reliable lover eBay and typed in 'Boohoo Fur Coat'. A B-eautiful coat came up that theflickmistress was selling. It had five days left when I found it and I couldn't wait for it to finish. I didn't tell anyone about it because I knew that I would get the 'do you really need it'  from my mum and  'where are you going to put it? You already have four coats.' I set three alarms in case one of them didn't go off and with ten minutes left I put on my laptop hoping that the internet wouldn't crash like it did when I was bidding on those gorgeous purple peep toes. I'm still gloomy
                                                             from losing out to them.

Thankfully the internet was on my side and I was able to get to the page and put my bid in. After a fight for it between some other bidder I won! I got it for £31 with £4 postage, I was very happy due to the fact that it was £80 on Boohoo! It had only been worn once so it was a great buy.

So a couple of days later a parcel arrived for me and yes I did have the usual wait for ten minutes while my mum talks to the postman about feeding tomato plants and how to make a casserole. I finally managed to get it and rip the wrapper off. I couldn't find any scissors,I never can when I need some so I ended up tearing it all open whilst breaking a nail. I wasn't really bothered,hell I would have used my teeth if I had to. The coat is absolutely gorgeous! The lovely 'flickmistress' included three extra buttons to go with it. The buttons are not just any old boring buttons,they are gorgeous jewelled and sparkly gem buttons! This was an added lovely surprise! I tried it on hoping that the half of a big apple pie I demolished last week with my Grandma wouldn't make a difference. Thankfully it didn't and it fitted gorgeously!!

I won my mum over as soon as she saw the coat. Of course she did the usual check of how thick the fabric is and how well the lining is put in, but it passed her checks so thankfully I won't get the conitnual 'that coat isn't think enough' and 'have you seen how the lining is stitched? Now the lovely fur coat has a new home hanging on my extra clothes rail in my room. Yes I have a completely full slightly wonky clothes rail in my room along with a wardrobe. I also bought another item from 'theflickmistress' two hours later after the coat finished, it is a gorgeous blue bow pattern dress that I got for £2.19!! So now its time to show them off:

Don't worry I wouldn't normally wear the coat with blue £2.50 tracky bottoms from Primark. Note the 'Mummy What's a Sex Pistol?' t-shirt which I wear a lot much to my mother's dismay. I'm in love with this coat and will find any excuse to wear it. I think I'm the only person in the country who wants the weather to be cold just so I can wear my coat. Here is a picture of the gorgeous Bow Dress. It's so weird because the day after I bought it I was looking through some old magazines and I found a picture of Sarah Harding wearing it at a festival last year! Its weird how these coincidences happen. 

theflickmistress was so helpful and lovely when I emailed her asking the length of the coat needing to know due to me being just a tad short and my cheeky ask for combined postage. She is selling a lot of things at the moment so please check her stuff out and I guarantee that you will get a good deal.

Item imageHere are a few of her items: A gorgeous Topshop Faux Fur Jacket. The jacket is a size eight and has hardly been worn. Lovely for winter and looks very cosy! She is selling a lot of womens and mens clothes,its like a treasure chest over there.

Item imageAnother one of her items is this Boohoo Badge Pocket Denim Shirt. The shirt has a buttoned front and has some funky badges on. It is a size eight and again it has only been worn a couple of times. I would look great with a pair of skinny jeans and some black knee high boots. So make sure you check out theflickmistress for some great bargains.
I'm off to buy 6kg of Mini eggs....

Second Hand Rose


  1. Love ebay too! i love finding myself some bargains hehe. Cute blog! xx www.thekeytoconstantia.blogspot.com

  2. awesome blog! i love ebay, it's awesome!

  3. I never really trusted eBay, I thought people would just rob off with my money and scam me! But I'll definitely give it a try one day after your blog :D

    There are some strange stuff on that website xD

    Jessica ♡


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