05 October 2011

Jonesy, please try not to panic

7th September 1922-27th September 2011
Last week one of the greatest ever comedy writers sadly past away. That man was David Croft. He died at the ripe old age of 89 on the 27th of September in his sleep. David was a co-writer for Dad's Army,Allo Allo!,Hi-de-Hi!,Are You Being Served?,It Ain't Half Hot Mum and You Rang M'Lord?.
I know this post has nothing to do with fashion, but I felt that he deserved a mention since he did create my first love. He wrote Dad's Army along with Jimmy Perry and it is one of the best comedies EVER, in my opinion. It was only last week that I was talking about my first crush being Walker from Dad's Army in my A Nosey into the life of the Second Hand Rose post, where I let the world know 7 slightly cuckoo things about me.

I fell in love with Dad's Army at a very young age. It was a staple of my television viewing,that and Rosie and Jim. We always use to sit down to watch Jonesy fail miserably being called to attention,Walker and his schemes and Mr Mainwaring getting so wound up by the platoon you thought he was going to burst a blood vessel. I absolutely adored Jonesy and just fell in love with Godfrey. All the characters were amazing and it was so cleverly written. Dad's Army began in 1968 and lasted until 1977. It ran for nine extremely successful series with eighty episodes in total. Dad's Army took the world by storm and had a radio series,a stage show and a feature film. The series regularly reached eighteen million viewers and was shown in an array of countries including Barbados and Jamaica. I can just see a family sitting under a palm tree,in their straw huts and flower skirts watching Jonesy shout 'Don't Panic' every five minutes,can't you? Even though Dad's Army is repeated every Saturday on BBC2, I was very happy to get the box set for my birthday this year. It was a present from my cat,yes my cat does give us presents. Since then me and my cat have spent many many hours watching it and falling in love with the platoon all over again. When I have it on my room seems to be the hottest spot in town. Along with my cat stretched out on my bed,I regularly get my brother and my Dad coming into my room for 'just a minute' to watch the platoon lark about. I think I'm going to start charging them for taking up bed space. I'm starting to think the only reason Mr.Boyfriend comes over is to watch my Dad's Army collection.
My favourite episode has got to be the last one Never Too Old where Jones gets married to his love Mrs Fox, who he has fancied for 17 years. It is the cutest episode and when Jones says 'Does she love me for myself,or does she love me for my meat?' I crack up even though I have heard it at least a hundred times. During the war meat was very scarce and you did actually get women marrying butchers and doing umm favours for them to get some nice sausages.  If any of you were thinking 'meat' meant something else then you get a slapped wrist.

So we have sadly lost one of the geniuses of comedy, but he will live on in the laughter of the wonderful programmes that he created. Sadly there is only Jonesy, Pike, Mrs Fox, the Vicar and the Verger left now of the Dad's Army clan. When we heard on the radio that David had died,my oh so funny father came out with 'Well they won't be making anymore of that then.' Very funny father,there would only be two of them in the platoon. So David Croft,if you are reading this from comedy heaven,thank you so much for all the laughs you have given me over the years.Oh and say hi to Mr Mainwaring for me.
So all you lovelies out there if you get a moment I suggest you go and watch some Dad's Army,after a long day, it will certainly cheer you up. I'm off to go and drool over Walker for another hour.....

Second Hand Rose

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  1. Thank you for the ideea, I'll be sure to watch it . .



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