06 October 2011

Whoopsy daisy!!

I did a post well, more like a ramble really On What I Would Like This Week a couple of weeks ago, about my fashion detox and how I am trying desperately not to buy anything. Well honey's I fell off the wagon. My detox is no longer.
It started with Dorothy Perkins having an everything 25% off sale. I thought this was a sign due to me jabbering on for at least three paragraphs about how much I wanted their teal Jeans. I got a lovely email from Dorothy Perkins telling me I'm a VIP and I have been given a VIP code to have 25% off. What is it with the word VIP? Its three letters and can make you go on a buying frenzy,just because you are on of their 'special customers' and you are one of the very select few in the world who have been given this code to treat yourself with. Suddenly the fact that you have no money and can't even afford to buy 4 pints of milk, so you have to have horrible weak tea all week goes out the window. You think to yourself 'Hmm maybe I can afford something,I'll just buy something little and its 25% off the normal price and I was going to buy it anyway.' Well that's my thought process anyway.
 So you go on the website and all these clothes pop up at you at once, its a feast for your eyes. My hand has been trained to automatically click the 'sale' button. It's taken years of fine training,I would even go as far to say that it is an art. I've told you all about the hours that I have spent window shopping online, well the week of the Dotty P's 25% I certainly did some of that.
However the story takes a mysterious turn.I don't know what was wrong with me but I just couldn't click the 'Confirm' purchase button. Everyday I kept going on there,refilling my basket desperately hoping the jeans that I gushed about were still in my size.But when it came down to it suddenly the £47 that I was just about to spend on the jeans and some other lovelies, seemed so big. I must have been ill or something. I got my mum to check my temperature,but I was fine. I must be having a mid-style crisis. So all week I stared at this basket and woke up suddenly at 11pm on the sunday night (yes, I am asleep before 11pm,I'm an old lady I know),I went on my laptop to order the things hoping that my basket hadn't depleted. I kept my laptop on sleep mode practically all week so I could keep my basket. But again I just couldn't click 'Confirm' So that week I did not use the VIP 25% off code for Dotty P's. For a whole week I didn't not buy anything.Someone please call a doctor.

Image 1 of ASOS Bright Stripe Headscarf
£2 was £10
Image 1 of ASOS Polka Dot Head Scarf
£2 was £10
Image 1 of ASOS Wide Headband Scarf
£2 was £12
Thankfully, the next week I seemed to recover from whatever it was that was stopping me buying and I bought some things off one of my favourite websites, Asos. I've been trying desperately not to go on Asos because I know I will buy something but I couldn't take it anymore,I had to write the four letters,two vowels and two consonents please Carol Vorderman. Since I haven't bought anything off Asos from the end of July,I thought it was time to treat myself. I'm obsessed with accessories at the moment, but sadly at the moment I do not have any room for any more jewellery and I have two kitchen roll holders full of bangles,don't worry I'm gonna make room for some more.So,the next thing to accesorize is my hair. I put five scarfs in my basket and it took me at least thirty minutes and an opinion from Mr.Boyfriend who was like most men totally bored out of his mind and as soon as I mentioned shopping his eyes glazed over. So these are the ones I decided to get. Everything I've bought was all in the sale apart from the socks,so I suppose its still kinda being good. It's like eating low fat chocolate whilst on a diet.
I got a great deal on the headscarves saving a total of £33! Of course actually doing them like they are in the pictures is a different matter! I have spent ages trying to perfect my headscarf bows, but I always end up getting a limp bow and screwed up folded over material. I am determined for my head to be bowalicious and when I've perfected the bows I will blog about how to do them. I'm sure I'm not the only one who struggles,even though I am a bit cack handed. I also found this lovely floral printed canvas trilby with a lace trim. It was a bargain at £4 from £15, so I was sure it would very much enjoy being part of my ever growing hat collection. My hat collection grows nearly as fast as Mitosis.
Image 1 of ASOS Blue Polka Dot Headscarf
£3 was £10
Image 1 of ASOS Floral Printed Canvas Trilby
£4 was £15

Image 1 of ASOS Dog Tooth Over THe Knee SocksWhen I go on Asos I always look at the tights and socks. I found these groovy orange and black dogtooth patterned socks that were £5, which without hesitation I added to my bag. I am a big fan of patterned tights and socks,I had about ten socks or tights in my bag and I had the gruelling task of saying arrivederci to nine of them. My favourite item that I bought is this gorgeous Asos Africa Paperbag Printed Skirt. It comes in two colours Brown and Camel,I chose the latter. I know its not some people's cup of tea and everyone I asked about it was like 'umm yeah I suppose its nice', but I was set on buying it.
So the next day the lovely man from Asos delivered my delivery. Unfortunately my mum answered the door and she had a wonderful conversation about the weather and found out his life story. This is a regular occurence for my mum. I wanted to just snatch the bag out of his hand,but I knew I would get a least six hours of a lecture on politeness from my mum. I finally managed to get the bag off the man,after my mum had given him advice on his sore foot and straight away I tried my purchases on. The socks are great,I love the headbands even though I have no idea how to tie them, the hat is fab and the skirt is utterly gorgeous. The skirt came in a lovely rectangle fabric bag with a tribal print,which now holds all my knee high socks, thank you Asos. Asos donates £5 from every item sold to build a new workshop in Kenya, where the clothes are made to help the community build themselves a better life. That's me doing my bit for charity. I had a breathe in and tug moment with the skirt. It was a small version for the size that I am, which disapointed me a little. Its probably got to do with the couple of thousand biscuits I have been eating and that huge piece of cake I had at my Grandma's last week.

Its horrible when you buy something and it doesn't fit,its happened to everyone I'm sure. Well, except Kate Moss. It makes you feel fat and physically exhausts you when you have to breathe in to do the zip or buttons up. Just try not to do it for too long,I don't want anyone having to call 999. So when you have done it up you have to move the zip to the back. You have tried doing it at the back, but sadly us humans are not born with extendable arms. So you move it to the front and once you have done it up you have to do the breathe in and tug action. You find yourself tugging and twisting your arms so much that you are jumping in the air like a maniac. Putting clothes on can be an exercise in itself. I'm sure after you have done it you have burnt at least a biscuit worth of calories. So if you do get it done up success, but you then have to try and walk in it. You can end up walking like a constipaetd duck, which is really not a good look. It maybe all right standing up,but you can't stand up for the rest of your life.So you slowly try sitting in it and your hips feel like they are being squashed and all the fabric has wrinkles in it. If the zip breaks,fabric rips,or buttons pop then honey, I think you need a size up.

Image 1 of ASOS Textured Lampshade Skirt
£12 was £30
Image 1 of ASOS AFRICA Paperbag Printed Skirt
£12 was £40

I have Asos Premier which is when you pay £25 a year and you get free next day delivery and free collection. So on to Asos I went to find if they had the next size up,thankfully they did. I also found this gorgeous bright orange textured lampshade skirt, that was £30 reduced to £12. So in the bag it went and the order was confirmed. I'm really in to orange,yellow and pastel colours at the moment,I don't know why though because in my dad's words 'I'm as white as a ghost' and I also have blonde hair and we all know how disastrous blonde hair can look with orange and yellow. Do you think that its ok to wear orange or yellow with blonde hair? If you are blonde do you wear them? and to anyone What colours do you stay away from because of your hair colour? This is officially open for discussion. 
So there we go there are my purchases from my destroyed shopping detox. I've never been much good at diets.

Second Hand Rose


  1. I can't tell you how much this made me laugh! I absolutely loved it! :) xXx

  2. I love this post! absolutely hilarious, as I can see myself in your 'fashion detox'!!

  3. i am excited to see how you master the head bows cos I would like to experiment with them myself but have never been able to get it right! xo

  4. @Kathy: Thanks honey that means so much to me! I'm glad someone actually enjoy's my rambles!
    @Peach: Thank you so much I'm glad you enjoyed it.! Haha they never work do they!
    @CaityHF: I know, its really difficult and they make it look so easy! I will probably be doing a post on head bows sometime next week so watch this space!
    Thanks everyone for the lovely comments,its made my day!

  5. Aaah love this , I was thinking of doing some hauls? what do you think? Are you going to the new look lock-in i think every store is having one on wednesday ! &&& finally ! I can post ! I dont know what was happening before ! Great blog i love it ! Keep up the posts mwaaa Detbeaut x

  6. Loving the head scarfs! Thanks for a great post. XX


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