11 October 2011

Now you see them,now you don't

Last week was the end of the fashion crazy month, with Elie Saab's collection 'Colour Shock' ending it in Paris, which was full of so many sequins that Strictly Come Dancing would be proud. I will be writing my round up of the Fashion Shows tomorrow or thrusday. I could gush forever about Elie Saab and the fact that I have never seen a bad dress done by him, but I will save that for later. A lot has happened in a week since the Fashion Week's finished, Edwina Currie has been booted off Strictly Come Dancing so my faith in the British Public has been restored, the Government has told us to crack open our piggy banks with money that we were saving for a rainy day ie shoes and Beyonce has told us she will be launching a maternity line. What a surprise, I swear some of these celebrities only become pregnant just so they can have their own clothes line. What's next, a creaky hip collection created by Judi Dench?

The best piece of news is that Debenhams have launched a collection of invisible tights for all skin tones. We have all had to wear 'natural' tights in our time, hairy legs aren't really the hottest thing. In my experience the tights are always the generic 'nude' colour and make your legs look like you have been using some dodgy fake tan, either that or spilt your morning tea down them. I am as pale as a ghost that hasn't seen the sun for twenty years though, so I'm sure they look good on some people. I also found that they ladder so easily and you seem to get them caught on everything. I have spent many years carrying nail varnish around in my bag to stop the ladder getting worse. It's not great when you are having to go to a meeting and you only have neon green nail varnish on you to rescue the ladder though. So ladies always carry clear nail varnish with you. The tights appeared too light for darker skin colours and a lot of the time appeared so shiny that you felt like that you were going to an 80's disco.

The tights will be available in various different shades to ensure that those with fair, olive, Indian, mixed race and black skin will also be able to try out the trend. Here's hoping they make an albino shade. Debenhams has reduced the shine of nude tights,which means that you get the warmth of a pair of tights but no one can see that you have tights on. I hope they aren't as thin as the old nude tights though,they were as warm as tissue paper wrapped around your legs. Trying to get them on in a rush in the morning while trying to eat a piece of toast, is not the easiest thing in the world. They ladder so easily you have to get up at least twenty minutes earlier just to put them on.
The tights will be coming in olive, bronze and coffee with fairer skin tones such a beige and honey. I know you are all thinking that these are going to cost the size of a small country,but listen up ladies they are only going to be £3.50 a pair!! Plus they come in three sizes,not just the usual 'one size' that has you using them as a stretch band to try and make them fit.
Debenhams hoisery buyer Joanna Townsend said 'Nude hoisery is a woman's weapon to fight the onset of winter.' And here's me thinking that it was hot chocolate and chunky dressing gowns.
...and after: Debenhams' 'invisible' tights do not change the colour of the models' legs or add an undesirable shininess
With tights

Before: This is how the models' legs looked before they tried on any tights at all
Before tights
  Abracadabra, ala kazam! Someone get there magic wand ready!

The picture looks exactly the same to me,but maybe that proves how good they are. I shouldn't be so cynical and think they have just used the same picture. Naughty Second Hand Rose.

Debenhams launched nude bras earlier in the year and also launched £3.20 invisible knickers in 2008 that were a real success.However, they wern't very sexy. I always wonder what happens when women do wear these nude and control knickers. They are advertised as making you lose a dress size and making men drool over you. But what actually happens when you do have a man drooling over you and are getting jiggy with it, but instead of a nice black lacy thong,you have high waisted control knickers on. Not the greatest turn on. Daniel Cleaver did like Bridget Jones's control pants though,so maybe there are some men that get hot under the collar at the sight of granny pants.

What is fabulous though is that earlier this year La Senza launched a range of No VPL thongs. Hooray, we don't just have to wear nude draws anymore, we can wear something that men might actually find attractive! Plus to top it off they have created lacy ones!! I can hear all you women rejoicing! Well I am anyway. They come in three colours nude,white and black and are quite reasonable at £5 each. If the thong isn't for you they also do shorts. To top it off at the moment they are three for the price of two so ladies get buying! No VPL Knickers

So I will stop gushing about them, before I end up sounding like I have an invisible underwear fetish,trust me I really don't. I'm sure there are some people out there with one though. I'm really trying to resist typing in 'Nude underwear fetishes' into Google and seeing what comes up. Let me tell you about some things that I am selling on eBay this week, that I'm sure you girlies will be interested in. Or men,we are not sexist here at Second Hand Rose. I don't know why I am saying 'We' its just me really, oh and maybe my cat, but he isn't much help.
If you are interested, please click on the name for the link. Look at me being all technical.

-A Rimmel Natural Bronzer in 022 Sun Bronze, which is brand new and will give you a lovely glow.-A brand new Nails Inc Nail Varnish in shade 'Warwick Avenue' which is a lovely pale pink.
A lovely Buckingham Silver Charm Bracelet which is brand new in the box.

I don't want this to become a blog that I'm just using to sell things,don't worry I'm not going to start blogging about some water filters that I am selling.
So ladies what with the invisible tights,knickers and no VPL thongs, you have no excuse to get out that little red number that you have been keeping at the back of your wardrobe. So thanks very much Debenhams and La Senza for helping us women look less like we are going to a disco and helping us be the sophisticated gorgeous bombshells that we all want to be. And if you are reading please make some dresses that you can't stain with wine when you are a bit tipsy. Now that would be good.

Second Hand Rose


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